Cities in Development


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Cities in Development, or CID, is a mod aimed at deepening the experience of managing your internal affairs – specifically, your cities. It is composed of, at present, four distinct components, each focusing on a particular aspect of city management. We will detail each component in brief on this page, but you can also follow the links to a more in-depth explanation provided at each section.

Homepage and Download.

For installation instructions, please see here.



Crime is perhaps the perspiration of the Commonwealth’s squeeze on human nature. Yet, criminal behaviour at the local level is decidedly absent from this game. What is also perhaps true is that maintenance alone represents poorly the consequences of urban development. This component aims to address this.

In Crimes, each Building now yields either Maintenance or Crime. Unlike Maintenance, however, Crime determines its impact upon your city’s yields by dividing Crime into 9 different types – one for each yield – and apportioning them according to the proportion of that crime’s corresponding yield to the city’s total yield output, and then relating that back to your city’s Crime output to determine any yield losses.

Complicated! Let’s illustrate with an example. Below, we can see that the city, Edirne, is producing 3.2% Vandalism – this reflect the amount of Culture that the city is producing (+3) in comparison to the total city output. At 7 Crime, this amounts to a loss of 0.22 Culture. So, the city’s Vandalism is proportional to the city’s Culture.


As a result of this, Crimes will always impact most profoundly upon a city’s highest yield outputs. You can, of course, attempt to keep your cities’ yields balanced, but there is more fun to be had in ‘manipulating’ specific Crimes in a direction that is more suitable to your needs, through Buildings, Policies, Reforms, Tenets, and Wonders.

These are the basics of Crimes, but more information on this component can be found on the wiki or here.


Colonization has perhaps been the most significant process in the modern age. It is a means of expanding, and prospering, without the limitations that come with denization, long after political borders have been naturalized. In the game, however, expanding in the later eras can be cumbersome, and far-flung, late-game cities can be unfeasible. This component seeks to address this problem.

In Colonies, certain cities – those founded or captured a certain distance from the Capital, or those founded by a Colonist – are rendered as colonies; indicated by the prescence of a Governor’s Mansion. Colonies function similarly to puppets, with the important distinction that you may still invest inBuildings, and purchase Tiles and Units in them.

These are the basics of Colonies, but more information on this component can be found on the wiki or here.




In the vanilla game, the only purpose of a city’s Happiness is to offset the empire’s Unhappiness. But this undermines the importance of a people’s happiness in leading to a better society. This component aims to address this issue.

In Happiness, Local Happiness and Local Unhappiness are now measured at the city level, and at the city level impose their own consequences, depending upon which of the two are most prominent. If Happiness exceeds Unhappiness, then a city will experience a boon in Production that bypasses Production penalties (such as from Crime, Global Unhappiness, Military Supply Limit, etc.), whereas if Unhappiness exceeds Happiness, the city will count up toward a period of Resistance, in which the city ceases to function for a few turns.

In the screenshots below, Sigtuna has an excess of Unhappiness, which will trigger a period of Resistance in 62 turns unless addressed. Conversely, Mecca has an excess of Happiness, and this will not only contribute directly toward constructing Buildings or to training Units, but will also cause the Resistance counter to decay.


These are the basics of Happiness, but more information on this component can be found on the wiki or here.






Slave labour has been one of the most prominent modes of production in history. For better or worse, however, the game lacks explicit connection to this pervasive institution and its use in state-building. This component seeks to make that connection.

In Slavery, Shackles is a new Strategic Resource accumulated through Conquest and Trade. It is spent on cheap Military Units or on the efficacious Slave Worker. Whilst these Military Units are not as effective as your standing forces, they are useful in a pinch. Slave Workers, on the other hand, are cheap labour that can increase the production of your Plantation resources.

In the screenshot below, we can see that, instead of with Gold, we may rush Units only with Slavery. The purpose of this is to add intuition to the action of ‘rush-buying Units’ and to encourage players to rely less upon this mechanic. It is recommended that one combine Slavery with Rise to Power’s Mercenaries and Cities in Development’s Provinces to compensate for these changes.


These are the basics of Slavery, but more information on this component can be found on the wiki or here.


Future Plans




  • Removed a rogue print statement.
  • Made some updates to the Civilopedia game concept entries.
  • Fixed an issue with the AI not receiving the correct amount of Food from Excess Health.
  • Fixed issue with tooltips and building improvements not working correctly.
  • Fixed some database issues when using CBO.
  • Added plot mouseover support for Golden Age Points, Great Admiral Points, and Great General points as yields.
  • Fixed Longhouse changes half-working with CBO.
  • Terrorists now base themselves off of Violence and Sabotage, Anarchists base themselves (once again) off Treason and Vandalism, and Saboteurs become Smugglers, basing off of Drug Abuse and Abduction. Thanks to Albie for thesuggestions.
  • Province indicator is now shown before the city name.
  • Removed the Development threshold bonus that Colonies received from their province level.



  • Fixed an issue wherein the Fort incorrectly had 5 tile visibility.
  • Removed changes to EE’s Academy (moved to PiT).
  • Removed changes to EE’s Culture Line (moved to PiT).
  • Removed changes (the inclusion of Copper) to the Mint (moved to PiT).
  • Removed changes to the National Treasury (moved to PiT).
  • Removed the Venetian Arsenal (moved to PiT).
  • Fixed issue with Great Magistrates being unable to upgrade Provinces.
  • Added support for CBO’s Towns and Villages for Development.
  • Cheateaus now provide 2 Development.
  • Added missing Specialist Building count from City View.
  • Added unique mission icons for Cure Plague, Distribute Vaccinations, and Upgrade Province.
  • Added Unit_Missions and UnitClass_Missions table, for tieing custom missions to units. Hence, all custom missions are no longer hardcodedly tied to units, unit classes, or promotions.
  • Culture Overview is now checked by default.
  • Added support for Whoward’s Great Works Manager.
  • Mechanized Units (Siege, Naval, Air, and Tanks) can now be purchased with Gold.
  • Removed the ability to purchase Peasants, Workers, Settlers, and Colonists with gold.
  • Magistrates may now be expended in order to purchase Buildings outright in Colonies.
  • Added Medieval Peasant graphic by Patum333.
  • Pyramids and Citizenship help text updated to reflect the Worker/Peasant split.
  • When a city is plagued, its city focus will no longer automatically switch to Food focus for the human player.
  • Updated Provinces/Colonies for latest CulDiv additions.
  • When a City is set to avoid growth, it will not longer state ‘X turn until growth.’
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Manor and Mansion required more improvements than stated.
  • Development Panel is now fixed and separate from the Building List (won’t disappear as you scroll). Non-EUI only.
  • Added LuaEvents.JFD_PlaguedCured(playerID, unit, city), LuaEvents.JFD_PopulationGranted(playerID, unit), LuaEvent.JFD_ColonyAssimilated(playerID, city, isDecolonization), and LuaEvents.JFD_ProvinceUpgraded(playerID, unit, otherCity).
  • Increased the cost of the Human Rights and ICC projects.
  • Removed India’s UA changes.
  • Changed some of the Crime colours for distinction: Theft is now a brighter Orange, Corruption is now a brighter Yellow, Heresy is now whiter, Drug Abuse is now Pink, and Abduction is now Cyan.
  • Added LuaEvents.PlagueEnds(playerID, city, plotX, plotY) and a notification will now alert you when a plague has ended in one of your cities.
  • AI should now factor in the Production/Food it receives from excess Happiness/Health.
  • Fixed issue whereby a World Event would be sent when a city revolted at Rebellious stage instead of Separatist stage of disloyalty.
  • Added missing Garden construction audio.
  • National Wonders are now sorted into their own category in the Production panel.
  • Defensive levies will now only spawn along the Pikemen line (before musketmen).
  • Assembly no longer provides any Defense or HP.
  • Slightly reduced Shackle costs.
  • Re-made the Organized Crime icons.
  • Organized Crime now disables without Health.
  • Removed the mechanic of Plagued units. Units will no longer be plagued if trained or garrisoned in a city that is plagued.
  • Added new Crime: Sabotage, which bases itself off Defense.
  • Added new Organized Crime: Saboteurs, which bases itself off Sabotage and Violence. Anarchists now base themselves off Treason and Vandalism. Terrorists now base themselves off Drug Abuse and Abduction.
  • Removed ability for Workers to build Trading Posts (as they can build Villages).
  • Added LuaEvents.JFD_OrganizedCrimeEmerges(playerID, city, OCID).
  • Fixed issue whereby OC Crime Threshold modifiers were not factored.
  • Slave Workers may now be expended to hurry Production. However, Slave Workers now increase in Shackle cost each era.
  • Manors now increase Town yield by +1 Gold, instead of Village yield. This fixes the discrepancy whereby Villages would yield more Gold in a mid-level Province than Towns.
  • Development now appears on the map. Development from Improvements is now only valid if you are working that improvement.
  • Development from Buildings now scales with the era in which the Building is unlocked (0.2 from Ancient era Buildings, 0.3 from Classical, and so forth). National Wonder now produce Development (double the Building yield of that era).
  • Forts may now upgrade into Citadels after 50 turns of being worked. Citadels grant 5 tiles visibility. Forts (and Chateaus and Kasbahs) now yield +2 Defense for the city and Citadels +5. These are all a part of the same setting.
  • Added defense breakdown in City View.
  • Population now yields 0.34 Crime each.
  • Organized Crime tt is now separated from the Crimes tt in the city view.
  • Organized Crime now reduce two specific yields by 10% (or increase unhappiness in the case of Saboteurs).
  • Prison should now correctly disable when Organized Crime is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Organized Crimes would not be removed even after falling below their threshold.
  • Fixed NaN turns issue with Great People progress in the City View.
  • Increased the base Health of the Sanatorium to 5.
  • Crimes are now sorted by highest to lowest.
  • Added missing Production and Golden Age Point tooltip support for Building yields affected by policies.
  • Added sound effects for Loyalty changes.
  • Added Quest info to City-State city banner.
  • Added (optional) bonus to Building Production when Development is high.
  • Resource demanded will no longer show on the city banner when the city is in a WLTKD.



  • Fixed a few lua issues.
  • Fixed issues causing the Slave and Levy LuaEvents to not work correctly. However, these now send the unitID of the unit purchased, not the unit object.
  • Reduced Slave Worker cost to 20 Shackles.
  • Damage to plagued units reduced to 2 per turn (from 5).
  • Workers and Slaves will now remain as such instead of converting into Peasants when captured.
  • Right-clicking a Yield in the City View will now bring you to a pedia page about that yield (except Production which doesn’t have one… and Culture if using the big UI…). Useful mainly for CiD’s yields (non-EUI only).
  • Units now immediately take some damage upon receiving the plagued effect.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Mercenaries Overview could be selected in the Overview Selection menu.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Barbarians could build the Galleass.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the AI could not spend Shackles.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Treason was being shown as -1 Happiness from Buildings in the TT.
  • Fixed an issue whereby captured Peasants would turn into Settlers.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Installing a Satellite would not close the capture city popup.
  • Changed the Plague icons used, and added 4 new types (Cholera, Influenza, Leprosy, and Pneumonia).
  • Fixed an issue whereby Cure Plague would not work if there is no Plague in the city.
  • Naval and Air units will no longer contract Plague.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Loyalty counter was not working correctly.
  • Integrated EUI’s Starvation warning on the City Banner.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Cistern did not yield Health on Lakes.
  • With ExCE, Feathers Happiness is now unlocked with Trapping alongside the Trading Post.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the AI was not subject to the changes to Annexation vs. Puppeting. Thanks to Gazebo!
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Heresy reduction/increase from Piety Level would repeat in the Crimes TT.
  • National Wonders are now organized in their own section in the City View (non-EUI only).
  • The Building, Wonder, National Wonder, and Great Work section headers now show how many are in each category.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Improvement/Building progress indicators would not be hidden if Provinces was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue whereby building the Recyling Center would cause the Lua to break.
  • Added unique Building sounds for: Babylonian Walls, Bazaar, Burial Tomb, Candi, Ducal Stables, Floating Gardens, Hanse, Ikanda, Krepost, Mud Pyramid, Mughal Fort, Paper Maker, Pyramid, Royal Libery, Satrap Court, and Stele, thanks to Sir Kesler!
  • Increased the production cost of Trafalgar Square (to 750).
  • Health, Disease, Happiness, and Unhappiness values are now rounded.
  • Removed Portugal’s trait changes.
  • Forts (in Misc) now grant vision to tiles (for outside your borders) and take less time to build. Feitorias also gain this visibility effect.
  • Development added!
    From the civilopedia: [Development] is the measurement of a city’s capacity to support its Population. You must build at least as many Buildings/Citadels/Forts/Towns/Villages as your Population Threshold, otherwise the city will have increased Crime and Disease, and decreased Wonder Production. However, going beyond this Population Threshold will increase the city’s Happiness and Health. Your Population Threshold is how much Population a city has, plus any reductions to this because of the city’s Province level.



  • Fixed an issue whereby the View City button was not visible in the city capture popup.
  • De-hardcodified puppet purchasing for Chrisy. If a building has AllowsPuppetPurchase set to true, you will be able to purchase in puppets (non EUI only. Hah.).
  • Plague, Loyalty, and Resistance warnings now trigger at both 10 and 5 turns until the event. These can now be changed in the user settings.
  • E&D’s Public Transport System no longer shows in the Tech Tree (with Power enabled) – Steam Power is otherwise too full.
  • Fixed various redundancies in the Lua, and re-wrote much of the code to improve stability and cleanliness (not incl. Crimes).
  • Added LuaEvents.JFD_SatelliteInstalled(playerID, minorID, cityID).
  • Fixed an issue whereby Satellited cities might enter resistance or be puppeted.
  • Updated Concept pages for any new info as detailed below.
  • Added Diplo Corner support for extra buttons. See the Additional Information dropbox for options on what buttons are shown (this is to make up for the fact that I can’t fix the Diplo corner issue with EUI. Will be added in RtP too).
  • Added turns until next Policy indicator on the Policy button.
  • Drill Academy removed; Venetian Arsenal wonder takes its place (+50% Production toward Naval Units and Cargo Ships, can build Galleass’ without Compass).
  • Defensive Levies may now spawn from the beginning of the game. Offensive Levies (ones you conscript from Pop.) still come at Civil Service.
  • Increased the Defense bonuses from Assemblies, Manors, and Mansions.
  • Added Province upgrade requirements to the City View.
  • Unit Levy cost moved to a global Game Define, which should make it more reliable. JFD_LevyCost tag removed.
  • Assemblies/Manors/Mansions now provide help info about their interaction with Levies.
  • Settlements belief now increases Faith on Villages, Towns, and Trading Posts (Sir Chrisy’s idea!).
  • Mobilization tenet now gives +1 Levy whenever a Levy unit is conscripted.
  • LuaEvents.JFD_CityPurchasedLevyUnit(playerID, city, unitLevy, numPop, isDefensive).
  • God of War changed to increase the number of Shackles you receive from clearing Barbarian Encampments by 50% (disable in user settings). Vanilla God of War belief re-named to Human Sacrifices.
  • The Peasant/Worker/Slave Worker split is now optional, but in a single setting.
  • Slave Workers can no longer be built. They may only be purchased with Shackles (increased to 25). However, they are now available immediately.
  • Slave Workers are no longer maintenance free and no longer have 3 movement (having 2).
  • AI should value Shackles a little less in trade.
  • Removed the Slave Plantation.
  • Halved the upgrade cost of Peasants/Slaves to Workers.
  • You may now gain up to 10 Shackles from clearing Barbarian Encampments, and not less than 3.
  • You may now gain 1-3 Shackles from capturing enemy units.
  • Captured Civilian Units that would become Peasants now become Slaves.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Trade Routes to conquered cities/Militaristic City-States did not produce Shackles.
  • May now disable the option to Enslave a city.
  • Enslaving a city now rewards +1 Shackle per Population (from 1 per 3 Population).
  • May now Ensalve a city that is 2 or 3 Population. The population lost will round to the nearest whole.
  • With Happiness enabled, Annexing a city will no longer cause a city to enter Resistance, but will instead fill the city’s Resistance Counter (so a delayed Resistance). Enslaving a city, however, will still cause Resistance.
  • Added LuaEvents.JFD_CityPurchasedSlaveUnit(playerID, city, unitSlave, numShackles).
  • Removed the Cinema.
  • City-States are no longer affected by Happiness.
  • Happiness breakdown now supports negative Happiness values.
  • Cities that become plagued will automatically switch to Food focus. This should help the AI, and those that forget, and should ameliorate a bit of the plague’s impact.
  • If a garrisoned unit is plagued when the city has excess Health and no Plague, that unit is now cured of its plague.
  • Plagued units now take 5 damage per turn and cannot heal, instead of having -50% Defense.
  • Added the option to disable the feature where Plagues prevent the training of Settlers (‘JFD_CID_HEALTH_CORE_SETTLER_NO_PLAGUES’).
  • Integrated the Plague notification into the Notification Panel.
  • Medical Lab now yields +2 Health.
  • Added LuaEvents.JFD_PlagueBegins(playerID, plagueID, city, plotX, plotY, turns).
  • Fixed an issue whereby Citizens would consume only 1 Food each following a Plague.
  • Plagues are now fully named and this will display in the City View (non-EUI). However, there are now only 6 types of Plagues that can be contracted. What Plague you contract is random, but influenced by your Capital and Trade Routes.
  • When a city is Plagued, the Plague Counter is replaced with the turns remaining (Plague Counter doesn’t fill when plagued anyway).
  • Plague-related effects (extra Food consumption and garrison unit infection) will now trigger as soon as the Plague begins, instead of on the next turn.
  • Plagued cities will now be distinguished on the map by (a smaller version of) the fallout particle efect (can be disabled in user settings if you’re lame like Sir Kekkler and Sir Chrisy).
  • Fixed incorrect icon being used to denote Plague in the Great Doctor tooltips.
  • Added FLAVOR_JFD_DECOLONIZATION, which determines how likely a civ is to assimilate a colony (provided they have the prereqs). 0 means they will never, 10 means they will as soon as they can. Master Support File updated with details.
  • The AI may now assimilate colonies, provided they meet the prerequisites, from the beginning of the Industrial Era.
  • Added LuaEvents.JFD_ColonyFounded(playerID, city, isFort, plotX, plotY)
  • Dutch UA changed: Colonies begin with a Worker and claim nearby Resources when founded. Retains 50% Happiness from a Luxury Resource if your last copy is traded away.
  • Pena National Palace is now a Colonies addition. It no longer increases Loyalty from City Connections, and instead increases Happiness and Culture in Colonies. It now yields 1 Happiness, and +4 Culture.
  • Crime is no longer increased/decreased by Disease/Health.
  • Wind Farm now produces 1 Production (from 2), but Production cost is now reduced to 250 (from 300).
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Mercantilism policy added +20% Production to the Building after each Investment.
  • Fixed a 5% discrepancy being added to Loyalty from Unhappiness.
  • Added Nationalism tech. This was originally in Sovereignty, but, with Power, CiD has a greater need to relive congestion around this area.
  • As such, added Trafalgar Square wonder (free Great Admiral. +15% Loyalty for cities with a Naval Unit stationed in them).
  • Re-added Notifications for when a city becomes Patriotic/Allegiant.
  • Added LuaEvents.JFD_WLTKDBegins(playerID, city, plotX, plotY, WLTKDTurns) and LuaEvents.JFD_RevoltBegins(playerID, city, plotX, plotY)
  • Added notification and sound effect for when a WLTKD begins due to Loyalty.
  • Added Revolt icon (mostly for Sov.), and standardized Loyalty-based terminology (WLTKD for positive consequences, Revolt for negative; no more Celebration/Revolt/Rebellion)
  • Increased the number of Rebels that will spawn from Revolt (from 1 in 4 popution to 1 in 3).
  • Resistance now causes 1% Disloyalty per Population.
  • Each Unemployed Citizen now causes 2% Disloyalty.
  • You may now see both the WLTKD and the Revolt counters when hovering over the Loyalty bar, at any level.
  • Removed updated text for Courthouse, as it was redundant.



  • Herbalist now increases Health on Flood Plains by +1.
  • Added Turns until GP spawns to the City View.
  • Updated UI files for the latest CP.
  • Horse Mill cost reduced to 200.
  • Can no longer train Settlers or Colonists during Plagues.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the AI did not receive Shackles from conquests.



  • Updated to support the latest VP (CPP), which should fix various Lua errors.



  • Colonies may now be set to begin at the colony list, instead of with New X, where X is your Capital. See JFD_CID_COLONIES_DISTANCE_CORE_NEW_CAPITAL.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Slaves could not be purchased.
  • Colonies now begin with Harbours when founded by a Colonist.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Plagues did not cause Citizens to consume an extra Food.
  • Fixed an issue wherein unique Constabularies and Police Stations would not reduce Crime.
  • Could not find an issue with the Cistern/Aqueduct from Tradition Fin. It might be a misunderstanding of the effect – you get 2 Cisterns and 2 Aqueducts, not 4 of any combination. I’ve clarified this in the text. It may not be ideal, but is the easiest to implement.



  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes disrupt the City View.
  • Added the notification icon dds’, in the hopes to avoid the texture errors some people are getting.
  • Fixed an issue wherein disabling Levies would remove the Governor’s Mansion building class, thus sometimes resulting in CTDs.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Yield changes from Policies did not show on Building tooltips.
  • Added unique construction sounds for: Blast Furnace, Chancery, Court of Chancery, Cinema, Cistern, Cloth Mill, Coal Station, High Court, Magistrate’s Court, Menagerie, Military Academy, Military Base, Mint, National Treasury (truly impressive!), (I opted to stick with the Oil Refinery I had), Spaceship Factory, Supreme Court, and Wind Farm. Big thanks to Kesler for these!
  • Added missing CBP support for Santorium and Great Doctor.
  • Fixed an issue wherein you could not recruit Levies in Municipality-level cities.
  • Added support for Historic gamespeed.
  • Fixed a few Lua errors, or at least added safety checks until I can re-create them.
  • Updated for the lastest UI files of Vox Populi.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Indian UB for the CBP did not yield Health on river tiles.
  • Enslaving a city will now show the rounded number of Shackles received. I mean to adjust this to a more reasonable value later.
  • Distance will no longer show as a stat on Settlers when the De-Colonization Decision has been enacted.
  • De-colonization Decision now disables Colonists, and converts any current Colonists into Settlers.
  • Levies should no longer spawn as units that you cannot support. For instance, you will spawn Longswordsmen only up to as much Iron as you possess, then you will receive Pikemen.



  • Reduced Disease from Trade Routes, and City Connections to 10% (from 20%).
  • Added support for Events in the Happiness breakdown.
  • Fixed an couple of Lua errors.
  • Horse Mill now unlocks at Machinery.
  • Aqueducts now increase Health on Lake Tiles.
  • Fixed an issue wherein unique Aqueducts would not gain Health on River Tiles.
  • Unique Aqueducts will now show that they yield Health on Rivers and Lakes.
  • Aqueducts may now only be built next to a river.
  • Added Cistern, which may only be built when not next to a river. Increases Health of Lake Tiles and yields +2 Health, as well as the 40% food stockpile. With the CBP, the Cistern is a standalone building that simply increases a city’s Health and requires the city to not be on a river. Don’t ask me to adapt the Cistern/Aqueduct dichotomy to CBP, please, as CBP’s changes to the Aqueduct are too cumbersome.
  • Pont du Gard now requires a river.
  • Tradition Finisher now grants free Aqueducts OR Cisterns in your first 4 cities (if this user setting is disabled, but Cisterns are enabled, it will grant 4 Aqueducts only in river cities).
  • Default Plague threshold now scales with game speed (300/200/150/100). I can bump this up a bit if need be, but I encourage playtests at this level first, what with the introduction of the Cistern and the Lake Health.
  • Fixed a discrepency between the Building_JFD_HelpTexts support for Building tooltips and Buildings as presented in the civilopedia.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Colonists could be purchased for 1 Shackle.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Colonists and Workers (non-Peasants) could not be purchased with Gold.
  • Fixed an issue wherein unique Workers would be renamed to Peasants (e.g. the Harappan Bullock Cart).
  • Fixed an issue wherein a Peasant upgraded into a Worker would not change graphics.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Worker could not build Railroads.
  • Re-enabled Drill Academy for now. It now allows the purchase and raising of Levies in Colonies, whilst also providing +20% Loyalty. Not convinced the puppet AI will build it, so please let me know your XPs, and I’ll consider alternative arrangements.



  • Fixed an issue in which Plagues did not diminish.



  • Reduced the flavors for Shackles – hopefully nullifying their worth to the AI.
  • Plagues will no longer trigger on top of an existing Plague.
  • Plague breakdown now indicates the number of Plague turns remaining.
  • Fixed an issue wherein disabling Power would cause the mod to crash (the Wind Mill building was being added without its class).
  • Activated CP Resource Flavour system, which should make AI response to Shackles more variable (depending on their military flavour).
  • Fixed an issue wherein Civilizations with a non-Civ-based derivative (e.g. Italy) would cause the Civilopedia entry for that civ to not work.



  • Fixed an issue wherein custom Courthouses would yield +30% Loyalty, and Barracks, Armories, and Military Academies would yield 0%.
  • Added support for CivilizationType in the Building_JFD_HelpTexts table, and this now works for buildings without a default help text. Not applicable to EUI.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Colonists could be purchased with Shackles.
  • Fort Colonies may no longer be founded on Mountains, Coasts, or Oceans.
  • Fixed an issue wherein no Units could be purchased in Colonies.
  • Fixed an issue wherein civ/culture-specific Province names were not working.
  • Fixed a few Lua errors.



  • General pass over component (well, other non-components).
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Rankings for Faith Per Turn remarked about Tourism.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Constabulary sound did not trigger correctly.
  • Added audio trigger support for new buildings introduced in Power and Crimes.
  • Added missing Circus Maximus audio.
  • Fixed an issue wherein, if Building Construction sounds were disabled, it did not play the vanilla Production garbage.
  • Added Civ IV sound effect for when a Unit gains a Level (disable in user settings).
  • Fixed an issue where turn times for Units could state an infinite number of turns instead of 99+ like Buildings do.
  • All Concept articles are now ordered alphabetically.
  • Current production name will truncate if too long, to avoid overlap with the Invest Button (happened with Mausoleum). Hovering over this label will show the full name, however.
  • When Production turns would be less than 1 (such as where you’ve received all the needed Production from an Event or Ancient Ruin), the turn time will now state 1 instead of -X.
  • Fixed a few TXT_KEY errors in the Choose ITR popup.
  • Unhappiness now rounds to 1 decimal point for UI purposes.
  • Fixed an issue wherein you could not sell Buildings with EUI.
  • Added a distinct icon to represent ‘We Love the King Days’, which were otherwise identified by the Happiness icon (which would be confusing for Sovereignty anyway).
  • Important: CID now includes a replacement for the Notification Panel. This includes bc1’s combined notifications system, and supports the CP’s Notification Panel. You will still require the EUI Comp. Files if you want the Civilization List (which is a part of the Notification Panel in EUI). Please be on the lookout for related errors! I’ll add support for my notifications later.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Original Owner Loyalty bonus could trigger for Cities that you did not found.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Eliminated Owner bonus could trigger even when the enemy was still alive.
  • Colonies now receive the Puppet loyalty bonus.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Faith and Culture did not correctly report their Crime Losses (EUI issue only).
  • Wonders will no longer appear in the Production Queue for Puppets.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Colonies could not build or invest in/purchase Buildings.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Venetian Colonies could be assimilated into regular cities.
  • Colonies are no longer restricted in what Units they can construct (beyond the standard restrictions that apply to all cities, and except for Settlers/Colonists), and Units trained from Colonies are no longer Colonial Militia. In essence, you can purchase Levies, Slaves, and Civilians in Colonies, but not other Military Units.
  • Great Generals can no longer found Fort Colonies in another civ’s borders.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Portugal and Netherlands did not have their vanilla bonuses.
  • Added Investments pedia entry. Also, added a note in there that Investments incline the Puppet AI to prioritize invested Buildings – useful to know for Colonies.
  • During Plague, Citizens now consume 3 Food. Thanks to Gazebo!
  • Fixed an issue wherein target Cities in Trade Routes did not recieve disease.
  • Sanatorium now benefits from the Tradition Finisher in CBP.
  • Reworked the Doctor specialist icon so that it was more in line with other specialist icons (the band around the icon is now gold and not the colour of the Doctor).
  • Re-enabled Levies sytem.
  • Municipalities may no longer spawn Levies.
  • Assembly/Manor/Mansion now detail their effects.
  • Fixed an issue wherein States did not yield +1 Gold on Villages.
  • Capital-Level Province breakdown now correctly states that it yields +2 Gold on Towns, +1 Gold on Villages, like any other State.
  • Upgrading Provinces by improving Plots reduced to a requirement of 8 and 16.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Colonies and States were spawning two Levies instead of one.
  • Province icon for city banner re-enabled.
  • AI now receives 2 Levies from States and Counties, to make up for their inability to spend Population on Levies wisely. This can be disabled in the user settings.
  • Upgrade time remaining is now displayed over the Citizen icon in the City View for Trading Posts and Villages (including if not being worked).
  • Levies now have a maximum of 50 HP (replaces defensive/attack penalties).
  • Melee and Gun Units may now be purchased as Levies, by expending Population. These Levies share the same stats as those earned from war, but are not disbanded when a war ends and may be purchased anytime. They are intended to be a last resort, when Slaves, Mercenaries, Professionals, and your Defensive Levies fail you. Please don’t ask to be able to return Conscripted Levies to cities – there’s just no way I can make that work.
  • As such, the Drill Academy has been removed for now – it may return as a part to Loyalty or Levies later.
  • Slavery added.



  • Disabled accidentally enabled Slavery.
  • Added reference to CP: Corporations.
  • Capital is now identified as a Capital-Level Province, although it otherwise functions similarly to a State.



  • Misc:
  • Added a reference to Civ IV Diplomacy mod and merged relevant files.
  • May now edit Unit Names any time by right-clicking the Unit’s name.
  • Incorporated changes from Whoward’s UI – City Production Queue Enhancements.
  • Incorporated changes from Whoward’s UI – Condensed Promotions.
  • Production Popup (vanilla) will now display your Loyalty (only shows the colour of the fist) and Happiness values.
  • Health and Happiness will now display on the Production Popup (vanilla) at the same time if using CBP (whereas before it was only Happiness).
  • If a City has a resource that they are demanding, this is now displayed on the City Banner.
  • When spending Gold/Faith/Shackles, the Purchase List will no longer automatically close.
  • Fixed an issue viz. Puppet Cities and EUI City View.
  • Fixed a TXT_KEY issues when choosing a Trade Route with a City-State.
  • Fixed an issue viz. Projects and the City View.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Tech Tree buttons would hide Improvement upgrades not relevant to your civ, and thereby prevent other things from fitting on it. These upgrades are no longer placed in the first place. An example of where this was a problem was at Civil Service – the +1 Food for Terrace Farms was only hidden, and thus still there. This resulted in the Open Borders star being absent.
  • Fixed incorrect turn times being reported when Happiness was disabled.
  • Extended Trade Route range moved from Compass to Medicine.
  • Changed the Plague icon background colour.
  • Plagues now reduce your raw Food output by -2 per Plague turn (so the virility of Plague wears off as time goes on). This replaces the chance of losing a Pop. outright, as well losing stored Food each turn.
  • Medicine may no longer be acquired through Goody Hut.
  • Pont du Gard now stores 25% more Excess Health as Food (Food Kept was not as effective with the changes to Health, and wasn’t worth the processing either).
  • Added Arvo Ylppö, Robert Tigerstedt, and Ragnar Granit to the Great Doctor list.
  • Jail moved to Wheel (when RtP inactive).
  • Added support for CBP’s new Council building.
  • Crime now rounds to 1 decimal number.
  • ICC now increases OC threshold by 20%/10%/5%.
  • Starvation Disloyalty increased to 2% per Pop, and Razing Disloyalty increased to 3% per Pop.
  • Conquered City-States that separate should now flip back to the City-State owner instead of to the Barbarian.
  • Fixed an issue with the City Banner reporting that Rebellious or Separatist cities would ‘Celebrate in 0 Turns.’
  • Fixed an issue wherein the EIC did not reduce Disloyalty from Distance, the user setting for which somehow got deleted.
  • EIC no longer provides +4 Gold on Colonies when Loyalty effect is active.
  • General pass over the component.
  • Drill Academy moved to Military Science.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Colonists could not be purchased with Faith with the Mission Colonies belief.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Netherland’s UA would not trigger for the AI.
  • Fort Colonies will now correctly estalish a Fort and not a Citadel when created by a Worker.
  • Fort Colonies will now correctly grant the Mission Colonies bonus.
  • Missionaries spawned from Mission Colonies belief will now spawn with your State Religion first, otherwise your majority Religion.
  • Added new Icon to represent Colonies, which merges the Puppet and previous Colony icons.
  • You will no longer be given the option to Annex a city that would become a colony from its capture (seeing as this did nothing except make the city permanently occupied).
  • When you capture a city that must become a Colony, the ‘Puppet’ option will become ‘Create Colony.’
  • If Provinces is active, the Colony icon will no longer show in the City View.
  • Decolonization Decision will now build a Manor in all former Colonies.
  • Decolonization Decision now gives a 20 turn WLTKD in all former Colonies.
  • May now Assimilate a Colony that is size 15 or above, for (at least) 700 Gold.
  • Portugal now gains a discount on assimilating Colonies.
  • Increased the Gold cost of Decolonization Decision (500 per Colony, was 100).
  • Removed obsolete help text stating that Citadels could be used to establish Colonies.
  • Added ‘Colonial Assembly’ and ‘Colonial Migration’ events.
  • Distance from Capital and theColonies Threshold now shows on the Unit Panel below Movement, CS, etc.
  • Colonies no longer begin with a Workshop if using Power.
  • General pass over the component.
  • Disabled the Levy print statement, as I presume we no longer have any issues with Levies.
  • Added Levies pedia entry.
  • Levies are now disabled until Civil Service. This should make early-game warfare easier and Civil Service more valueable.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Manors and Mansions from being constructed.
  • Moved Open Borders to Guilds (wasn’t fitting at CS) – disable in user settings (but disables automatically if Levies is disabled).
  • Border expansion reduced to 10%/30% for Counties/States (was 25%/50%).
  • Levy Units spawned from Colonies will now correctly be called Colonial Militia.
  • States and Counties now only spawn 1 Levy Unit. The only thing that varies, now, is the XP they begin with.
  • Province city banner icon is now disabled (doesn’t really seem like pressing info. – can re-enable if as a user setting if wanted).
  • Province upgrades (Manors/Mansions) now only require X Population OR X Improved Tiles. The Building list was becoming cumbersome and somewhat obsolete, seeing as Provinces has moved away from its original design.
  • Province upgrades now require a City Connection to the Capital.
  • Manor/Mansion (provided you have its building requirement) will now always show in the Production Queue so that upgrading Provinces should be more apparent.
  • May now right-click the Provinces breakdown to bring up the Provinces pedia page.
  • Workshop, Windmill, and Watermill Power may now be disabled.
  • Cloth Mill now requires 1 Power.
  • Wind Farm now requires 2 Aluminium.
  • Added Horse Mill to Metallurgy: Produces 1 Power, requires 2 Horses.
  • Investments is now treated as a distinct component. This doesn’t change much, but it allows me to explain it better and is better for organization. Hence, added a section for it in the Civilopedia (and wiki and wordpress).
  • CBP’s Investment system now takes precent over CID’s.
  • Added ‘Invest’ button to the Production Queue for the top item.
  • Mercantilism now increases the value of Investments by 15% more, as well as the Science on Gold Buildings.



  • Plagued promotion is now lost with upgrade.
  • Added Civilopedia section on Plagued Units.
  • Hydro Plant now produces +3 Power (from +2).
  • Blast Furnace no longer produces Disease on Iron.
  • Wind Farm now requires 1 Aluminum (from 2).
  • Blast Furnace now only yields 1 Disease (from 2).
  • Factory no longer provides Power. It no longer increases Disease on Coal when the Coal Station is active.
  • Added Coal Station, which provides Power (+2), requires Coal, and increases Coal Disease. It is a counterpart to the Oil Refinery, hence, it is not called the Coal Plant (before anyone says something).
  • Cinema removed.



  •  Cities can on longer be infected with the TXT_KEY Plague.
  • Dummy Buildings should no longer register for the CBP’s ‘X from Building Constructed’ event.
  • Updated for EUI 1.28f.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Tradition Finisher was still granting free Aqueduct under the assumption that the vanilla method was broken.
  • Turn Times for Units, Buildings, and Projects now take into account the Production bonus from Excess Happiness.
  • Pont du Gard can no longer be constructed by City-States or Barbarians.
  • Pena Palace moved to Scientific Theory.
  • Reduced the Organized Crime threshold increase for the ICC to 10/15/25.
  • Added Prison to Electricty – increases the threshold at which OC appears in the city.
  • Reduced the OC threshold increase for the NIA to 10% in all Cities.
  • Added Cinema to Atomic Theory, as an upgrade to the Stadium. I don’t know if there’s a great need for it, but the late-game is disgustingly empty, and I wanted more Power-consuming, non-essential Buildings. PIT will reconcile the odd tech tree placement. It’s under Happiness if you want to disable it.
  • Crimes breakdown now displays your Organized Crime threshold. To fit this, I’ve moved the percantage indicators for each Crime to the Crime Losses section, and rounded them.
  • Added Power. Power is a new Strategic Resource produced or required by most late-game Buildings. The Windmill and Watermill also produce Power, whilst the Workshop requires it. The idea is that Power restricts the number of late-game Buildings you can build in a city (or, challenges you to devote smaller cities to producing the Power needed by larger cities), so that late-game construction becomes a little less absentminded – hopefully.
  • Building Investments is now on by default.



  • Removed AI Loyalty buff.
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in World Events relating to Plagues being blank.
  • Sanatorium will now use Alhambra’s heigh map.
  • Biology now increases Sanatorium health by +1.
  • Biology Trade Route moved to Steam Power.
  • Added unique notification for Plague.
  • Removed notifications for when a City becomes Allegiant, Neutral, or Partriotic, and for when a city is cured of Plague.
  • Polder now yields +2 Food and +2 Health.
  • Colonies will no longer show both the Puppet and the Colony Icon.
  • Fixed an issue preventing WLTKD/Resistance from triggering with prolonged Loyalty/Unhappiness.
  • Defense penalty from Plagues reduced by 50%.
  • Disease from Trade Routes now calculates from base Disease instead of Excess. Thus, returns to 20% again.
  • Fixed TXT_KEY error with Disease/Health related Builds for EUI.



  • Fixed an issue wherein Citizens killed from plagues were not properly removed from the city.
  • Added a few missing tooltip info for Faith and Culture (for vanilla).
  • Fixed an issue wherein Health from Terrain did not show properly.
  • Disease from Population is now 1 (from 0.4).
  • Hospital now reduces Disease from Population by 33%.
  • Universal Healthcare now reduces Disease from Population by 22% (from 33%).
  • Plague length is reverted back to 1:1 Excess Disease.
  • Plague and Resistance icons will only appear on the City Banner from 30 turns (from 50).
  • Herbalist now yields +1 Health on Jungle Tiles.
  • Great Doctor may now establish a ‘Sanatorium’ – which yields 4 Health.
  • Citrus and Ginger once again yield Health naturally, replacing their Gold output (so, +1 Food/+1 Health).
  • Important Notice: Because of Firaxian Hardcoding of what Yields display when going to build an Improvement, I’ve now had to replace the UnitPanel. This will allow Health to show up when initiating the construction of a Sanatorium and will fix the empty Yield icon for things like Salt Mines and Pearls Fishing Boats. UnitPanel.lua, along with CityView.lua, CityBanner.lua, and TopPanel.lua are the big UI files that, if conflicted, can really mess up your interface. So be weary of other mods than alter these files. Obviously, CBP and EUI are exceptions and already supported. But CL: Australia is definitely not going to work, for instance.
  • General pass over CBP’s UI files, merging what changes are relevant.
  • Yield will now correctly show on Specialists where their main yield is different (e.g. Shamanism Faith on Doctors).
  • Fixed an issue wherein Health from Specialists would report an incorrect number.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Coal yielded +2 Disease with a Factory, when it should be just +1.
  • Manor and Mansion no longer yield Happiness.
  • ICC splash text will now reflect the ICC and not the World Games.
  • Great Doctor’s Cure Plague will now only send Notifications regarding cities that were plagued.
  • That you require a Manor/Mansion to complete the Province upgrade should now be clearer in the Province ToolTip.
  • AI should suffer slightly less from issues of Disloyalty.
  • Aqueduct and Medical Lab store food as they did in vanilla, irrespective of Health. Pont du Gard still has this effect, however.
  • Medical Lab once more requires a Hospital, as in vanilla.
  • Disease from Trade Routes increased to 30% and from City Connection to 20%.
  • Removed Disloyalty from ‘Losing War’ modifier.
  • Great Doctor may now be expended to ‘Cure Plague’ even if the city does not have a Plague. This is so that you can reset the Plague counter ahead of one.



  • Fixed a conflict between RtP and CID, causing issues with Da Vinci wonder, Motherland Calls, and various other Misc. components.
  • Pont du Gard now has a unique quote.
  • Drill Academy now yields +20% Loyalty.
  • Chance of Plague killing a Citizen is now based upon Population of the city (1 Pop:1%).
  • Governor’s Mansion now yields Crime, as do the Manor (1) and Mansion (2), instead of maintenance.
  • Dummy Policies will no longer be registered in the GetNumPolicies check. I’ve added a trigger to dummy policies added via other mods, too (e.g. civ mods).
  • AI Governors should be more interested in building the Drill Academy.
  • Provinces no longer require Improvements. TP>Village>Town thing is now a detached component.
  • Plague turn length is now 2x your Excess Disease at the time of triggering.
  • (Re-)added International Criminal Court resolution. It is now a World Project that increases the Organized Crime threshold.
  • Crime Modifiers are now listed uniformly as ‘from Modifiers’ instead of ‘from Buildings/Policies/Traits’ to preserve space.
  • Loyalty now affects Treason, instead of Crime.



  • Increased the flavours on the Pont du Gard, hopefully incentivizing the AI to pursue it more.
  • Plagued promotion text now clearly states that the effect of a plagued garrison reduces the plague threshold.
  • Fixed an issue wherein all Buildings would be moved to Medicine if using a mod which adds a Garden.
  • Fixed an issue wherein various Buildings would yield Health on Sea Resources.
  • Added distinctive icon for the Plagued promotion.
  • AI no longer receives extra Production from their Happiness bonus.
  • Plagues now have a small but random chance (5%) to kill a city’s Population, outside of killing it from the Food loses.
  • If a Plague causes a city to lose Population, it will send a notification alerting you to this.



  • Fixed an issue wherein the Tradition Finisher did not give free Aqueducts (though this’ll bypass the Engineering requirement).
  • Fixed an issue wherein Decriminalization (with Health) and Universal Healthcare did not have their titles.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Crab, Wine, or Incense could unlock the Grocer.
  • Monasteries health disabled with CBP, and is now a toggleable option.
  • Added Crimes support for CBP’s Church, Order, Synagogue, Stupa, and Mandir.
  • Added Crimes support for CSD’s Chancery, and Wire Service.
  • Grain Elevator disabled with CBP.
  • Mint yields +2 Gold on Copper, and fixed an issue wherein the Mint stated that it still required resources to be built. This will be removed from ExCE. Can be toggled in user settings.



  • Fixed an issue wherein a Northern/Danish State was called a Jarl instead of a Jarldom.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Colonist could cross Ice tiles.
  • Fixed a TXT_KEY error viz. Loyalty + CBP.
  • Made some of the Rankings more epoch-neutral.
  • When conquering a City-State, you may now ‘Install Satellite’ – immediately liberating the city and increasing your Influence by 250 points.
  • Added sound effect for when a city enters Resistance.
  • To differentiate from the Separatist/Rebellious notification, notifications about cities going into Resisatnce are now “City Strikes” instead of “City Rebels”.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the ‘Imminent Resistance’ notification reported the number of turns before Resistance incorrectly.
  • Colonies may now spawn Levies.
  • Maybe fixed the Levy spawning issue.
  • Updated for EUI v1.28e and CPP 23/02.
  • Excess Happiness now detracts from the Resistance Counter.
  • Provinces now require 5 of 9/10 (with RtP) specific Building Classes to upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Wonders could not be invested in. Also, please note that, when Slavery is released, Building Investments will be switched on by default.
  • EUI Files are now included in their own mod.
  • Unhappy icon will now only show on your city banner if your City is at risk of Resistance within 50 turns (specific turns can be changed in the user settings).
  • Slightly increased the colony distance for Duel maps (to 9, from 7).
  • Trading Posts now take 15 turns to upgrade (from 20), Villages take 30 (from 50).
  • Added new CID section to the pedia, which summarizes the new gameplay concepts.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Palace’s Production was removed even when Happiness was disabled.
  • Manor is now removed herein, when Provinces is disabled.
  • CBP Colonists and Pioneers always found colonies (can be disabled in user settings, where the CBP setting is).
  • Health added.



  • Fixed an issue with Crime Event text.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Loyalty counter did not work with the CBP.
  • Fixed a few trigger issues with the Culture Line component.
  • Added Manor icon to the Provinces Atlas for users without G&K.
  • You may now click on the Province box in order to rename it.



  • Updated TechTreeButton.lua to the latest EUI.




  • Culture from Assembly removed (again) – forgot that the Capital needed the Assembly.
  • Levies Disbanded notification will now only trigger if any Levies are actually disbanded.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the ‘Request for Support’ event could not trigger.
  • Levies will no longer spawn as units higher in tech that you have researched. JFD_Province_LevyUnitClasses table removed as a result.
  • Levies now have a 25% penalty to fighting in foreign lands and cannot heal and take passive damage in neutral and enemy territory, similar to Colonial Militia.
  • Manors now yield +1 Global Happiness and Mansions +2.
  • Population requirement for State-level is now 20. Prevalence of States are still a bit low for my liking, but I’ll work on this for the next update.


  • Pena National Palace now begins with Great Engineer Points if not using RtP.
  • Base Loyalty now begins at 0% for Occupied/Puppet Cities, and all modifiers to Base Loyalty are now their own effect.
  • Puppet/Courthouse Loyalty is now 20%, with a bonus +30% Loyalty if the original owner has been eliminated.
  • Hence, Base Loyalty renamed to ‘Original Founder.’ This is now 30%. You should expect Loyalty to be usually neutral, which probably makes more sense than a perpetually patriotic populace. Palace gives +20% bonus.
  • Counter-Spy Loyalty now applies to any city, instead of just puppets/occupied.
  • Occupied Disloyalty now decreases by 0.1% for every turn the city has been under your control, and now applies to Puppets. Separate ‘Unbroken Rule’ modifier hence removed.
  • Occupation penalty for Occupied Cities is now 3%. Puppets still at 2.5%.
  • Added new Allegiant level, between Neutral and Patriotic. Re-adjusted thresholds accordingly.
  • If using Happiness component, Happiness and Unhappiness will now add to or subtract from the city’s Loyalty.
  • Loyalty now follows the same principle as Health and Happiness: each turn contributes toward a ‘Revolt/Rebellion’ meter, which when filled triggers a revolt/rebellion (separatist/rebellious), before resetting. The threshold is a fixed 100, and decays when the city is Patriotic/Allegiant.
  • At Rebellious, cities spawn Barbarians, instead of going into Resistance. At Separatist, the city flips.
  • Patriotic (and Allegiant) now contributes toward a WLTKD, in the same way as Rebellious/Separatist contribute toward a Revolt.
  • Hence, WLTKD no longer increases city Loyalty.
  • Colonies established out of captured cities now follow the rules of being a puppet city, instead of as being a colony (couldn’t do both because of issues with Claimed cities).
  • Provinces no longer decrease Loyalty – this will return in the Commonwealth/Federation vs. Hegemony/Unitary State reforms.
  • Disloyalty from Distance is now 0.2% per Citizen (from 0.3%).
  • Razing a city now increases Disloyalty by 1% per Citizen.
  • Separatist cities will no longer flip to dead Civilizations.
  • Disloyalty from War Score will no longer scale by Population, and now reflects your War Score directly. Caps at -50%.


  • In light of the fact that new Resolutions are not, after all, possible, the De-Colonization resolution has been removed in favour of a Decision, enactable from the Modern Era.


  • Added Happiness component. Happiness is the measurement of a city’s attractiveness, and is used to offset Unhappiness, which may lead to Resistance, and to boost Production. It is a (simpler) counterpart to Health. Excess Happiness directly contributes to Production, bypassing penalties resulting from Theft, Military Supply-limit, or Global Happiness, whereas excess Unhappiness contributes toward a meter which, when filled, will send the city into a period of Resistance. Its not as complex as Health, but should give you a feel for what is to come, as well as giving a local-level importance to Happiness.


  • Governor’s Mansion and Courthouse no longer yield Crime, only Maintenance.
  • Harbour now yields 3 Crime.
  • Artist’s/Musician’s/Writer’s Guilds now yield 2 Crime.
  • Jail now unlocks at Trapping, without RTP/Code of Laws.
  • Added Treason event.
  • Added three new Ideological Tenets: Secret Police (Autocracy), reducing Treason, Violence, and Heresy, Worker Councils (Order), reducing Fraud, Treason, and Theft, and Decriminalization (Freedom), reducing Drug Abuse (Abduction in the meantime – don’t think about it), Vandalism, and Treason.
  • Crime from Specialists is now 0.34 and from Great Works 0.25.
  • In light of the fact that new Resolutions are not, after all, possible, the International Criminal Court resolution has been removed.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Crime calculations were being corrupted by the table.sort function. So Crimes are no longer sorted, but Crime rates will now be accurate.
  • Organized Crime threshold reduced to 50%.


  • Claims has been removed, and may now be found only in Rise to Power. Sorry if you want Claims but not Piety.
  • Da Vinci’s Workshop, Summer Palace, and Liberalism tech stuff moved to RtP.
  • Great Admiral luxury mission moved to ExCE.
  • National Treasury move to Banking/req. Banks is now a ‘misc’ user setting, and requires the East India Company changes to be in effect.
  • TechButtonInclude.lua no longer automatically adapts to EUI (was unreliable). EUI support for this file is as with any other file.
  • General text fixes; expanded some of the event notification texts.
  • Merged City Banner changes to the latest CP.
  • Foreign cities will now display their range below their city banner.



  • Fixed an issue wherein Cities did not begin with an Assembly.
  • Added a safety measure to prevent issues in the event that a city somehow does not begin with an Assembly.




  • EUI for CBP files removed. As of 1st Feb., CBP supports EUI 1.28.
  • Updated ToolTip support for EUI.


  • Fixed an issue with Provinces upon entering the Enlightenment Era.
  • Capital is now its own distinct Province-level, but this is functionally the same as being a Duchy except no Loyalty drop (I just didn’t like putting all the buildings in there from the start).
  • In light of the above, Assemblies, Manors, and Mansions Culture is restored.
  • With CBP, you now require 3 Villages for Counties and 5 Villages for States, instead of 5, 7.


  • Great Works now yield 0.2 Crime.
  • Specialists now yield 0.25 Crime (this replaces the 0.25 Unhappiness in CBP).
  • Uffizi now eliminates Crime from Great Works in the city.
  • All Crime rates have been re-adjusted according to the value of the Building (let me know if you disagree with something specific).
  • XP Buildings now yield Crime, and Legal Buildings (sans Courthouse – let me know if you want this changed) cost Maintenance.
  • Organized Crime will no longer emerge if the city is in Resistance or has less than 5 Population.
  • Organized Crime now increase the Crime on thematically appropriate buildings (e.g. Mafia = +1 Crime on Markets, Banks, Workshops, and Factories).




  • Fixed a Civilopedia issue when assessing for derivative civs.


  • You can no longer push claims on City-States which do not have a Capital but which are somehow still alive.
  • Disabling Claims will correctly disable the ability to push Claims on CSs.
  • Claimed City-States will no longer be considered Occupied – this will help Loyalty, too. You’ll still be prompted to either Puppet or Annex it, but Annexing won’t actually have the penalties it normally does (text reflects this).
  • Fixed a few database issues with disabling Claims (Westminster and Colonist being disabled with Claims – causing CTD. I guess no one plays without Claims).
  • Added warning to the Claims Tooltip that you cannot push a Claim on a City-State with whom you are at war.


  • Only Great Generals may now establish Fort Colonies, and this is done via a separate button. Worker Fort Colonies may be enabled in the user settings, and are unchanged.
  • Therefore, Forts (except with the above setting enabled) and Citadels can no longer be built outside your borders.


  • Levies spawned are now defined in ‘JFD_Province_BuildingClassRequired’ table. New eras can be added to that. If a new era doesn’t have support, it will default to a Spearman instead of screwing everything up.
  • Fixed an issue with ‘The Great Ball’ event notification text.
  • Capitals now begin at the highest level of Province.
  • Manors and Mansions no longer yield Culture.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the bombard range for Provinces upgraded via Great Magistrate would not update correctly.
  • Fixed an issue wherein most non-Unique Province ruler titles (only applicable to Events) did not work.


  • Fixed an issue wherein City-States could build the Tower of London.



  • Fixed compatibility issue with EUI 1.28.



  • Updated for E&D v3.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with EUI 1.28.



  • Updated for EUI 1.28.



  • Loyalty is now disabled, and should not be turned on.
  • Corrected text highlight with ‘Stockpile Stolen’ event.
  • Levies will now only spawn if you are not already at war.
  • Fixed missing Orthodox-specific Colony title. (what title is determined by either your SR or your majority religion, not the religion of the city).



  • Fixed an issue wherein the Village used the Trading Post’s graphics.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Floating Gardens registered cities as Colonies, and not the Governor’s Mansion.
  • Doge’s Palace from CBP should now receive the Palace’s starting Magistrates and Dignitaries.



  • Fixed an issue wherein the Trading Post could not be constructed.
  • Fixed an issue with EUI’s PlotHelpManager file.
  • Fixed (well, worked around – so let me know if you notice any irregularities) an issue between CP’s EUI and CID. I’d still like to know why this is even an issue.
  • Various bug fixes as reported.
  • Loyalty is now located below Happiness with EUI, which fixes the missing TT issue (occuring when the production panel became too large). I dunno if I’ll keep it like this, as it looks rather Mole-like, but it’s good enough for now.
  • Merged Whoward’s City Banner changes (dismissable City Focus and Culture Growth meter) with EUI’s City Banner. (will work on cosmetics later).



  • Fixed an issue wherein you would begin with an extra 2 Magistrates.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Levies would not spawn upon a defensive war (I swear, touch one thing in Claims and it unwittingly screws up Provinces).
  • Fixed an issue wherein Treason wasn’t being factored into Crimes calculation.
  • Crimes will now be sorted by highest to lowest, except Violence which is defying maths for some reason.
  • Fixed an issue where once an Organized Crime emerged it never left, even when it should have.



US = User Setting toggleable.


  • Fixed an incompatibility between CID, EUI, and ExCE.
  • CBP support is now automatic. You no longer need to switch on the user setting.
  • Fixed a discrepency between how much Happiness a city yielded from Buildings and how much was indicated by the TT.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Specialists in the vanilla game appeared to yielded 120i423784324uy1234y24 Happiness.
  • Who’s Winning rankings now longer allow you to view all, only the one randomly chosen to show that turn. US
  • Fixed some issues with the Civilopedia.
  • EE’s Academy science mod reduced to 15% US


  • Fixed a ‘this file has too many things in it’ issue with Provinces.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Trading Post did not have a graphic.
  • As Angkor Wat is slated to be changed with Health, and because its something that has been raised in CBP lately, Provincial level now decreases the cost of acquiring new tiles (-25% for Counties, -50% for Duchies).
  • Counties now only reduce Loyalty by 15% (down from 25%).
  • Fixed an issue wherein the tooltip for Villages and Trading Posts did not display upgrade turns for EUI users. (this was honestly way too much effort, and its demanding that I replace gratuitous files, so I may in the future be dropping EUI support for some things)


  • Removed the Rival Territory promotion from the Great Dignitary, as apparently it already was meant to do this.
  • Great Magistrates and Great Dignitaries are now generated separately from other GP, and will not affect the GP counters of other GP. Hooray for Pope Gazebo!
  • Added Jurisprudence tech to Renaissance, for Constabulary, Supreme Court, Forbidden Palace, and High Court. Requires Printing Press and goes into Rifling (because reasons). With PIT, I’ll try and fix the issue that it doesn’t go into Sovereignty, but without it doesn’t really fit. US
  • Supreme Court and Court of Chancery no longer provide Magistrates and Dignitaries, respectively, per era, but continue to provide some (increased to +2) for free when first built.
  • Court of Chancery moved back to Nobility, in light of Supreme Court’s move to High Court’s location.
  • Code of Laws icon now changed to the Doomsday Book from Denmark DLC (more appropriate than a gavel, anyway!)
  • National Wonder moved to Banking and now requires Banks in all Cities. US


  • Organized Crime now decreases Loyalty, instead of increases Crime.
  • Added alternative, more diverse icons for Crimes and Organized Crimes by Hypereon. Off by default. US
  • When an Organized Crime emerges in a city, a notification will be sent alterting you of this.
  • Specific Crime reductions are now displayed on the Building yield stats list.
  • Added TT support for Building_YieldChangesPerPop, which otherwise works as normal.
  • Crime is now reduced by specific buildings (US to restore NWs serving this function):
    • Mint: Corruption
    • University: Fraud
    • Artists/Musicians/Writers Guild: Vandalism
    • Jail: Violence
    • High Court: Treason
    • Chancery: Theft
    • Hotel: Abduction
    • Monastery: Heresy


  • If a colony is lost but recaptured, it will now return to being a Colony instead of becoming a regular city.


  • XP Buildings (Barracks, Armory, Military Academy) now increase Loyalty, not Espionage Buildings.
  • Unique Barracks, Armories, and Military Academies from modded civs should properly yield Loyalty.
  • When a city is claimed by Barbarians due to Separatist Loyalty, it now sends a World Event.
  • When a city that is separatist has a military garrison, it will no longer flip to Barbarians but only spawn Rebels (lol, only). Thanks to Hypereon for the idea! This might not work as hoped, however, as the barbarians will generally stray from the city, but we’ll see.
  • When a city first changes its Loyalty level, a notification will alert you to this.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Loyalty at 0 would cause issues with determining the Loyalty level.
  • A Rebellious city will now only ever go into 1 turn of Resistance, instead of between 1 and 5.
  • Fixed an issue which in some cases would’ve prevented the Loyalty panel and icon to update properly, when at lower Loyalty.
  • Separatist cities will only flip back to their original owner/spawn rebels of their original owner if you are at war with that civ. Otherwise, it goes to Barbarians.
  • Fixed an issue wherein units spawned from the above might spawn in water.
  • Fixed an issue wherein a city would not lose Rebellious status when it became Separatist
  • Halved the effect of disloyalty from War Score.




  • Centralized all checks on whether a city is to become a colony/whether a plot would support a colony into one function, hopefully providing more consistency. If the promotion appears, the city/fort founded there must become a colony.
  • Added the option to specify a distance from another city that a city must be before it becomes a colony (e.g. a city founded at least 5 tiles away from another city of yours will become a Colony, but not before). Off by default.
  • Added other general improvements to the code.


  • Loyalty is now treated as a yield, and may now be adjusted with Building_YieldChanges, Building_YieldModifiers, etc. Thanks to Gazebo!
  • Loyalty is now on by default for all cities. There is no special rule for Disloyalty for founded cities, except somewhat with Provinces reducing it as they develop, so generally there should be no trouble maintaining Loyalty. The point of this is to ameliorate the transition to Sovereignty, which’ll need Loyalty in all cities.
  • For all intents and purposes, Loyalty is now a separate component from Colonies.
  • Loyalty will now only appear on the city banner if Separatist or Rebellious.
  • In an attempt to squeeze out performance, the city banner only updates the Loyalty level at the beginning of a new turn.
  • Each Citizen now contributes 1% Disloyalty when the city is starving.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the TT for Disloyalty from losing a war would repeat for each war.
  • Disloyalty from warscore now scales with war score (the lower your warscore, the higher the disloyalty; you must have at least -10% warscore before it starts affecting you)
  • Loyalty now appears below Culture in the City View.
  • Fixed an issue with the City Banner and City View when disabling Loyalty.
  • Base Loyalty for Capitals begins at 10% only if the original owner is still alive (meaning conquered/claimed city-states will almost always begin at 30%).
  • Worked on general code improvement, hopefully increasing performance.
  • Added missing concepts page (for completeness’ sake).
  • Fixed an issue wherein Disloyalty from Ideological Pressure added to Loyalty, instead of subtracted from it.
  • Chance for a city to rebel/revolt has been halved.


  • Fixed an issue wherein the Torii Gate did not yield Crime.
  • Crime is now treated as a yield, and may now be adjusted with Building_YieldChanges, Building_YieldModifiers, etc. Thanks to Gazebo!
  • Generally, worked on the code some more to try and squeeze out performance. The previous stutter now appears to be negligable in the late game (non-existant early), and hopefully this is the case for others as well.
  • Thanks to Sukritact, Crimes now correctly adjusts according to changes to other Crimes.
  • In light of the above, Organized Crime threshold has been reduced to 60% (because of the changes to the code, effect of OC will only appear on the next turn now).
  • Added event for Theft, Anarchism.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Abduction event did not correctly subtract your Gold for option 2.
  • Turning a blind eye in the Corruption event now costs Golden Age Points.
  • Drydock, Harbour, and Seaport now yield Maintenance, not Crime.
  • Organized Crimes may now be disabled separately from Crimes.


  • Added Provinces:
  • Provinces is the measurement of your city’s (and surrounding area’s) development. Provinces are determined by you, through building the Manor/Mansion National Wonders, which upgrade a Municipality to a County/a County to a State. Each level benefits your Towns and Villages (similarly, the evolution of a worked Trading Post, as in Civ IV, see TT for turns left), the bombard range of your cities, and the quality and quantity of military units spawned at the outbreak of a defensive war (Levies), however, deduct from your Loyalty. To upgrade, you require a certain range of Buildings, a certain Population, and a certain number of Villages/Towns. Colonies are not a part of this sytem, and for all but Levies are treated as Counties. More detailed info can be found on the wiki. The component also provides 4 new events, but by and large is something I want to develop later with Sovereignty and Society Divided. For now, I hope it brings some added depth and flavour. If you, like Hypereon the Obviously Blind, think the Towns are fugly, then you can disable them and the prereqs. will simply become TPs, i.e. you will need 5 TPangolins to build a Manor and 7 to build a Mansion.


  • Incorporated Whoward’s UI – Enhanced Rankings mod, and added some rankings related to Colonies and Crimes. However, unlike in Whoward’s version, you cannot access these whenever you please (can switch on in UserSettings).
  • Incorporated Whoward’s UI – Improved City Banner mod. Have made necessary animal sacrifices.
  • Updated CBP’s Honor policy to the latest incarnation.
  • Manor renamed to Chancery, in light of Provinces.
  • Added missing flavours for the Manor/Chancery.
  • Judiciary Court will no longer appear in the Civilopedia.
  • Westminster and Forum Romanum are no longer disabled automatically with CBP.
  • Added missing sounds for: Arsenal, Medical Lab, East India Company, Writers Guild, Grand Inquisition (though this is in Piety), Constabulary, Solar Plant, Gunsmith, Red Cross, National Visitors Center, National Epic, Musicians Guild, Artists Guild, thanks to Kesler!
  • Great Dignitaries may now be sent, during peace, to a city of yours under occupation in order to reclaim it. No, the AI won’t do this, but on the other hand the AI won’t use the Magistrate’s assimilate city mission (but they will use the Magistrate’s upgrade province function), so it balances out AFAIC. Great Magistrates can also do this if Provinces is disabled. Therefore, Great Dignitaries and Great Magistrates can enter rival territory without Open Borders.
  • With Provinces, Great Magistrates may be sent to upgrade a Province instantly to its next level, bypassing all requirements.
  • Mission-based text for Great Dignitary/Magistrates are now neutral (“this unit” instead of “this Great Magistrate/Dignitary”, for anyone wanting to give these missions to unique units).
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Privatize Industries decision would not enact properly.
  • With both Health and Crime disabled, Production popup will now display the city’s defense (just so that there’s not two instances of happiness, as before).
  • Great Prophets, Magistrates, Doctors, Dignitaries, and Diplomats (City-State Diplomacy) will now appear in the Great Person list in the Info Panel.
  • Chief Magistrate/Dignitary decisions now only cost 1 of their respective resources and a lump sum of Gold.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Organize Soviets decision stated that you gained as much Production as you spent in Gold, when actually it is for each city its production output times the number of Workers expended.
  • Production boost from Organize Soviets decisions will now account for Production modifiers and not just raw Production.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Happiness count was calculating Happiness from military garrisons even when there was no garrison.



  • Court of Chancery and Supreme Court now give +1 Dignitary/Magistrate, and +1 Dignitary/Magistrate per era. (this’ll only work with E&D active, however).
  • Removed some redundant code used to generate the Crimes TT, hopefully improving performance.
  • Redid the maths behind Crime calculation, so now reducing specific Crimes will actually increase other Crimes as intended, and reducing specific Crimes actually works.
  • Added missing/incorrect strategy texts for Court of Chancery, Supreme Court, and East India Company.
  • Fixed an incompatibility between CID and Piety.
  • E&D Judiciary Court will no longer appear in the Civilopedia.



  • Fixed an incompatibility with Putin mod.



  • Fixed a UI issue prompted by EUI.



  • Fixed an issue with the National Intelligence Agency.



  • Changed the Great Dignitaries expenditure jingle.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Production Popup did not display the Happiness of a city (this is for when Health is inactive).
  • Fixed an incompatibility between CBP+CSD+CivIVDiplo and CID.



  • Building construction sounds will no longer trigger for the AI, and should no longer duplicate or overlap (thanks Sukritact!)
  • Added missing 256×256 (civilopedia) icon for the Dignitary resource.
  • Fixed a conflict between Piety and Health.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Great Merchant did not trigger a WLTKD when expended.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Great People counters were not separated (hopefully includes the Engineer/Prophet/Magistrate/Dignitray).
  • Fixed an issue wherein Building investments could not be properly enabled (this, and the above two, was a typo from when the setting still thought the mod was CCC).
  • Fixed an issue wherein the EUI city view building stats and TT displayed Crime as being subtracted by buildings, not added.
  • Fixed an issue with the Tower of London splash.
  • Fixed an issue wheren EUI tooltips displayed Global or Local Crime modifiers where specific Crimes are actually reduced.



  • Fixed an issue with the Tourism tooltip vis. EUI.
  • Changes to Portugal and Rome are no longer automatically disabled with the CBP.
  • Added missing 80×80 icon for Pena.
  • Fixed an issue wherein cities to which Loyalty did not apply were gaining the high Loyalty bonus.
  • Fixed an issue wherein cities with low Loyalty continued to benefit from the high Loyalty bonus.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Museum did not require the Gallery, and the Opera House, Gallery, and Museum did not state their building requirements in their help tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue wherein a few of the World Events triggered by Decisions did not display their text properly.
  • Added new feature: When a Building is constructed, it will play a little jingle, as in Civ IV. Disable in user settings. Modders, see the Master Support File for support.
  • Adjusted Production costs of the Magistrate’s Court, Supreme Court, and High Court with CBP.
  • Added a 50% cap to ‘Loyalty from unbroken rule.’
  • Added Crimes component:



  • Puppets now give +20 Base Loyalty (equivalent to a Courthouse, however, they still half disloyalty from occupied Pop.)
  • Base Loyalty for conquered Capitals is now 10, and for other cities 30 (so, unless you have Military Caste or something, you should always puppet a Capital). Let me know if its still too low, but I think Sovereignty will be home to more adjustment.



  • Fixed an issue wherein Westminster Abbey could be constructed by City-States.
  • Added new Forum Magnum splash screen.
  • Ability to assimilate cities/colonies is now handled via ‘PROMOTION_JFD_ASSIMILATE_CITY’ and ‘PROMOTION_JFD_ASSIMILATE_COLONY,’ making it easier to give this ability to unique units (such as France’s GG).
  • Removed Economic General Info replacement, as this will be included in Prosperity.
  • Renamed Code of Laws NW to avoid civilopedia issue.
  • Rome now gains a 25% bonus vs. Barbarians, in addition to its existing (modded) effects.


  • Occupied cities may now flip back to their original owner instead of to Barbarians when separatist.
  • Added new Dutch UA: Receive Great Merchant Points in the Capital whenever a Citizen is born in a Colony. (+50% of Happiness is retained for traded luxuries). Note that the GMPs is based on the Gold output of the colony.
  • Fort and Citadel Colonies re-added. Forts and Citadels may now be established outside your borders, and when at a certain distance, will be established as a ‘Fort Colony’ – same as a Colony but begins with a Drill Academy and the colony’s tile receives the benefits and fancy graphics of a Fort/Citadel.


  • Disloyalty from Population has been removed for Colonies, and is renamed ‘from Occupation.’ It is still 5% per pop, but is reduced to 2.5% in a puppet.
  • Base Loyalty in occupied cities now scales: in occupied Capitals, it is 5%, otherwise 20%. +20% if the city has a Courthouse, and +30% if the city has a Spy.
  • Disloyalty from distance now scales with population (+0.3% per Pop, per tile), and only applies to Colonies.
  • East India Company now reduces the effect of distance on disloyalty by 25% for cities connected to the capital.
  • Disloyalty from War now only applies if you are losing a war, and is scaled according to Population (+0.5% Disloyalty per Pop, per war that you are losing).
  • Added Loyalty from ‘Unbroken Rule,’ which is the value of how many consecutive turns you have owned the city for, at 1% per turn.
  • Disloyalty from Ideological Pressure now scales with population, at +0.2% per Population (I don’t actually know how much pressure is generated, so I was conservative on this).
  • Basically, Loyalty should work much more fluidly (and logically!), with bigger colonies being much more at risk than smaller. This is why Provinces will likely have a means of developing Colonies into Cities. Occupied Cities should also be generally less loyal, until you’ve ruled them consecutively for long enough. Values are subject to adjustment, of course. Loyalty for standard cities is probably going to be heavily skewed, but I will work on this when I do
    Provinces. This update was more about furthering occupied Loyalty.


  • Added wonder splash audio thanks to Nichlenm.
  • Added the option to turn on Gazebo’s ‘Building investment functions.’ This makes it so that Gold doesn’t outright purchase Buildings, but instead ‘invests’ production in them. Wonders may also be invested in, but the production gained is less. This is one of my favourite parts to the CBP, and it was a shame that it couldn’t be used on its own. This’ll help offset Crimes extra Gold until Prosperity, too – it is however off by default. If using CBP, there are no untoward interactions, of course.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Civilopedia from showing Buildings.
  • Added “Happiness from garrison” indicator to the city view Happiness TT (i.e. from the Military Caste policy or Mehmed’s UA).



  • Corrected erroneous clause in Mission Colonies, which stated that the units only became available in the Industrial Era (they’re available straight away, provided you have the tech for the Colonist).
  • Fixed an issue wherein the free Missionary from Mission Colonies could not be used to spread your Religion.
  • Merged CBP EUI Tooltip changes.
  • Thanks to Gazebo, expending Great Dignitaries and Great Magistrates will now register as expending a Great Person.
  • Fixed TXT_KEY errors when expending a Great Admiral for a luxury.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the ‘Request GP,’ ‘Universities Council,’ and ‘Utilities’ decisions could not be enacted.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the cost of the ‘Political Forum’ decision would increase every time the Decisions panel was opened.
  • Re-scaled the large City View UI with EUI to properly fit added Crimes, Loyalty, and Happiness values.
  • Corrected an issue wherein the small-scale UI was being used for the City View regardless of UI needs.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Freedom exclusive Decision stated that it required Autocracy to enact.
  • National Treasury no longer yields +4 Gold. This has been moved to the East India Company.
  • Fixed an issue wherein disabling the Colonies component would cause the game to incorrectly register cities as Colonies.
  • Fixed an issue wherein disabling Colonies but not Loyalty would cause the Floating Gardens to appear in a city (Loyalty may now be used in spite of disabling Colonies).
  • Without EE, Supreme Court moved to Architecture.



  • Added the option to specify a set number of cities you must first own before a city will be founded as a colony (by a Settler).
  • Fixed the rogue tooltips appearing when hovering over the city name, intended for CBP.
  • Increased the disloyalty from Population to 5. Increased Loyalty from Constabularies and Police Stations to 10%.
  • Fixed TXT_KEY errors with the Altaic colony lists.
  • Drill Academy now requires a Governor’s Mansion before it can be constructed (oversight).
  • Removed some rogue print statements.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Cities without a Loyalty value (i.e. regular cities) were occassionally going into resistance or flipping to Barbarians.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Leonardo Da Vinci was inventing insane future machines of death.
  • AI will no longer expend Great Dignitaries for Dignitaries every time (only if they have few Dignitaries).
  • Changed ‘Colonist’ promotion to ‘Colonial Settler,’ so that right-clicking the Colonist unit won’t take you to the promotion’s pedia.




  • Fixed an issue wherein the High Court and Magistrate’s Court icons were swapped.
  • Lowered the Production cost of Westminster Palace.
  • Increased the Production cost of Pena National Palace.
  • Added missing CBP support for the CityView.
  • Great Dignitaries/Magistrates/Merchants/Scientists/Engineers should no longer increase each others counters when spawend. See User Settings to disable.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Great Magistrate was showing as 0 in the City View progress meter.
  • Made Cause for ‘same culture type’ optional (off by default).
  • Fixed conflict with ExCE causing Liberalism’s text to fail.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the High Court and Supreme Court where not moving to Sovereignty and Liberalism, respectively, with EE enabled and E&D disabled.
  • Updated Siam ‘Embassies’ decision to Sukritact’s latest version and removed modified Germany (as the original no longer costs Magistrates, plus I have to change it in Sov. anyway).
  • Venice’s ‘St Mark’ decision now costs Dignitaries.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the ‘Host Political Forum’ decision could not be properly enacted.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the ‘Appoint Great X’ decisions weren’t yielding their Great People when enacted.
  • Added an indicator to the Loyalty breakdown that a city begins at 100% loyalty, and that everything else is calculated off that.
  • Pushed out some of the Loyalty modifiers to display even when that value is 0% (namely, the garrison and connection bonuses), so that you can see what can be done about Loyalty.
  • Loyalty for conquered cities is now on by default.
  • Significantly lowered the cost of the Colonist unit.
  • Fixed an oversight wherein Venice could train the Colonist unit.
  • Increased the Gold cost of pushing a Medium Claim (was unintentionally too cheap).
  • Re-added Summer Palace with EE. It may be used to re-located your Capital once (let me know if this causes issues).
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Request GP’ decision no working.
  • Added EUI TT support.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Rome’s new UA would not disable if E&D were inactive.
  • Fixed Forge help text to display its changes properly.



  • Fixed an issue wherein the Civilopedia wasn’t clearing properly.
  • Fixed an issue wherein having the same religion with a City-State did not increase your number of causes.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the actual cost of pushing a claim didn’t match the reported cost.
  • Hopefully fixed the TXT_KEY issue with Liberalism.
  • Initial Release.

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