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Cultural Diversity, or CulDiv, is a mod aimed at deepening the experience of playing each civilization. It is composed of, at present, two distinct components, each focusing on enhancing the diversity of both the default and modded civilizations. We will detail each component in brief on this page, but you can also follow the links to a more in-depth explanation provided at each section.

Homepage and Download.

For installation instructions, please see here.


Cultural Diversity works by assigning to each civilization one of 25 ‘Culture Types,’ and then to each of these Culture Types it assigns various unique elements. For information on specific Culture Types, please see the wiki, or otherwise see here.

These unique aspects include, at present, a unique Soundtrack, Era Screens, Unit Dialogue*, Unit Embarkation Graphics, and, if using Sukritact’s Events & Decisions, an Event. Each Culture Type also begins with a specific Starting Bonus, for instance, the Mesoamericans begin with Calendar already researched. Many of these features are optional, and can be disabled in the included UserSettings.sql file.

Finally, CulDiv also provides base support for a range of my other mods, where custom civilizations have support for CulDiv. For instance, Cities in Development assigns unique Colony names based upon Culture Type when it cannot find unique Colony names for a specific civilization.

*This is a feature re-introduced from CIV. When selecting or ordering a Unit, it may respond affirmatively in the tongue of your Civilization.


The CulDiv that you see today, however, is not as it once was. In fact, CulDiv initially only included about 16 Culture Types!*

*Arabic, Bharata, Central-European, Colonial, Eastern-European, Graeco-Roman, High-American, Mandala, Mesopotamic, Northern-European, Oriental, Pacific, Steppe, Sub-Saharan, Tribal-American, Western-European, with Totalitarian added shortly thereafter.

Civilization: Traditions

But how did CulDiv come about?

It is difficult to trace CulDiv’s exact origins, however, one early iteration of the mod was entitled: Civilization Traditions. In this – draft – development, a new yield called Tradition was to be generated from completing culture-specific ‘Objectives,’ which could then be expended to ‘purchase’ other Yields. Alongside these Traditions, each Culture Type possessed certain Strengths and Weaknesses, as well as unique Buildings, Technologies, and Wonders.

Although this ‘Tradition’ yield would be scrapped before release, v1 of CulDiv indeed appeared with the Steppe Culture, complete with the unique Golden Tent wonder, Yurt building, and a ‘Steppe Tradition’ technology that granted Mounted Units the ability to instill fear in their opponents, as well as objectives to capture Rome, Moscow, and Beijing, and an assortment of strengths, weaknesses, and other objectives.

At this stage, it was intended that each successive version of CulDiv would introduce a new Culture Type, as the exact nature of these Cultures was still being debated. However, v2 eventually released, and so it did with the Eastern group in stock.

Cultural Diversity: Splash Screens

In April of 2014, Sun Ce of Wu published the comment that would begin CulDiv’s transformation into what it is today. He remarked:

“Hi, I wanted to say that I love this mod and its purpose, and I was thinking that the cultural diversity could be going even further, by replacing, for example, the advisors and era splashes with cultural specific ones, like in the example posted here, where I made the Chinese ones. What do you think?” — 24 April, 2014

At first hesitant to take on this task, it was the initiatives of Sun Ce of Wu, COF, TPangolin, RawSasquatch, Janboruta, Sukritact, Leugi, and countless others that spurred on this development. Today, unique splash screens for each Culture Type – and even for some ‘sub-Culture Types such as Japan and Egypt’ are one of the mod’s core features.

Cultural Diversity: The Soundtrack

I do not know precisely when the Soundtrack was introduced into CulDiv, however, I managed to identify Hypereon as the progenitor of the idea:

“I also wondered little about the representation of the culture groups in the game. At least if it is possible, each of them should have their own city and unit styles (most already done, thanks R.E.D.) and soundtrack (Colonials depending of their founder nation).” — 27 February, 2014

Memory confounds my research into the Soundtrack’s initial release or even confirmation. It is my recollection that the CulDiv Soundtrack began with a soundtrack produced for the release of the Kingdom of Scotland, although the precedent might be linked to the Papal States. You can find Scotland’s release post here. However, this appears to be inconsistent with the date of Scotland’s release and the date of the first mention that I could find of the Soundtrack – which was not its release. Suffice to say, its a mystery.

Nonetheless, the soundtrack, today a central feature to the mod, is indisputably the largest of CulDiv’s components, and is the work of innumerous researchers, to say nothing of the artists behind the music itself.




  • Added new groups: East Indies, Himalayan, Iranian, Woodlands, and Pacific. Re-named Tribal American to Great Plains and Sahul to Aboriginal. Modded civs that should go into these groups *should* be updated automatically.
  • Added new subgroup: Turkic (subgroup of Islamic).
  • Fixed an issue whereby the default unit dialogue for culture groups was overriding the civ-specific ones.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Sahul Enlightenment splash did not work.
  • Default unit language for Mesopotamic is now Sumerian.
  • Native American unit language tag is now called ‘AS2D_SOUND_JFD_MOHAWK’, and added ‘AS2D_SOUND_JFD_SIOUX’.
  • Fixed issues in Linguistic types: Native Americans had Latinate, and Papal was missing.
  • Added and changed various splash screens.
  • Reconfigured how support for modded civs work – hopefully more reliable.
  • Added 3 additional Andean tracks.
  • Added 6 additional West African tracks.
  • Added 9 additional Islamic tracks, and corrected an issue whereby 20~ of the war tracks were not correctly hooked up to play.
  • Added 10 additional Mesoamerican tracks.
  • Added 8 additional Bharata tracks.
  • Added 6 additional Steppe tracks.
  • Added 1 additional Egyptian track.
  • Added 7 additional British tracks.
  • Added 5 additional Celtic tracks.
  • Added 1 additional Katuje track.
  • Added 5 additional West African tracks.
  • Added 4 additional Mandala tracks.
  • Added 4 additional Semitic tracks.
  • Added 7 additional Colonial tracks.
  • Added 13 additional Oriental tracks.
  • Added 3 additional Colonial Latin tracks.
  • Added 4 additional Central tracks.
  • Added 3 additional Northern tracks.
  • Added 1 additional Eastern track.
  • Added 2 additional Western tracks.
  • Added 2 additional Mesopotamic tracks.
  • Added 10 additional Classical tracks.
  • Added 11 additional Bantu tracks.
  • Added 33 additional Tribal American tracks.
  • Added East Indies soundtrack (31 tracks).
  • Added Turkic soundtrack (18 tracks).
  • Added Himalayan soundtrack (23 tracks).
  • Fixed some incorrect tracks thanks to sss64sss.



  • Made some Lua changes necessary for the upcoming RtP update.
  • UnitPromotions_JFD_UnitDialogues will now work for non-Mercenaries.
  • Added the option to disable the Embarkation graphic changes.
  • Removed redundant dummy policy.
  • Added sound effect for startup.



  • Fixed an incompatibility between CBO and CulDiv. Southern now begins with 1 source of wine instead of Fishing when the CBO is active.



  • Fixed an issue wherein cultures did not begin with their prescribed starting techs or units.
  • Fixed an issue wherein dismissing the mythical creature did not award Faith, if using Rise to Power, if without a State Religion.



  • Fixed an issue wherein Culture costs would not increase until after the first few policies taken (at least, I think so).
  • Added ‘TribalAmericanPNW’ subculture, thanks to sss64sss for help with the splash screens! Comes with support for Chinook, Haida.
  • All starting bonuses now trigger upon founding your capital. This resolves the issue of this bonus re-triggering each time the game is reloaded. Thanks to LeeS for the suggestion!
  • Because of this, Colonial no longer begins with +1 Sight and +1 Movement for their Settler, only the additional land.



  • Fixed an issue wherein Tribal American Dawn of Man popup stated that it began with Furs instead of Bison.
  • Genericized the Western starting bonus, so that it doesn’t bug out in TAL.
  • Added unique Defeat Screen splashes. Thanks to Sun Ce of Wu the Musician and Kesler for compiling the images!
  • Added support for DefeatScreenEarlyTag/DefeatScreenMidTag/DefeatScreenLateTag to the Civilization_JFD_CultureTypes table (each culture has a default, but civilizations can override it – don’t worry about including it in that table if you don’t need it).
  • Fixed a TXT_KEY issue with the Classical Event.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Mythic Creature event did not reward you with anything if you did not have a State Religion.
  • With CBP, Classical begins with a Market, Northern with 10 XP (+the extra Warrior), Mandala with Ivory, and Southern with Fishing. Eastern now begins with Walls instead of a Barracks.
  • Added ‘Woodlands’ sub-group to Tribal American, and changed some of the Tribal American splashes. Because Tribal American is still a conglomerate, I opted to keep the Mound Builder-ish Classical splash, to at least give them some mention, but the rest are Plains-focused. None of the art provided was really useable for a Pacific North-West group, either, but I’d still be ok will adding them. Correct me if I’ve made any mistakes with my selections. Automatic support included for: Wabanaki, Anishinabee, Cherokee, Calusa.
  • Tribal-American now begins with only Trapping. Use ExCE if you’re concerned about balance, but with the Woodlands, I didn’t want an explicit reference to Bison.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Islamic, Western, or British custom civs supported only by CulDiv did not have their soundtracks.



  • Cleaned up redundant copy of British Future splash.
  • Added unique Modern splash for Papal, thanks to sss64sss.
  • Updated support for RTP.



  • Fixed an issue wherein Civilization entries in the Civilization_JFD_CultureTypes table could double up under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Tribal American enlightenment splash screen did not work.
  • Added British sub group to Western (‘JFD_WesternBritish’), thanks to sss64sss for the splash screens and music! The music is a mix of English folk and British patriotic. If only we could restrict tracks by era!
  • Added last new group, bringing the total number to a nice 25: Papal (used only by LastSword’s Papal States, until I can update Pius). Papal group has some overlap in soundtrack with Southern (intentional), but there is generally quite a difference in tracks for the two.
  • Songhai will now use Islamic music, instead of West African.
  • You now gain an amount of Golden Age Points, instead of an outright Golden Age, when accepting the Mythical Beast event.
  • Fixed an few inconsistencies in the Event code.
  • Cities will now retain their native city-style, even when captured by a civilization of a different style (user settings to disable).
  • Declining the warrior in the Oriental event will now afford you some Golden Age Points instead of nothing.
  • Added various new music thanks to sss64sss, Kesler, Sun Ce of Wu the Musician, and anyone else that has provided some new moosics (~144).
  • Fixed a few incorrectly referenced tracks, mostly with Tribal American.



  • Added Polar group (Begins with Archery and a nearby source of Deer) – thanks to TPangolin, Sukritact, SnowyNix, TheLohoped, and Reedstilt for the help! Comes with support for: Dene, Sami, Sibir, Inuit, and Yupik.
  • Added Katuje group (Begins with Pottery – Andeans now begin with a nearby source of gold) – thanks to TPanglon, SnowyNix, Klisz for the help! Comes with support for Tupi, Kuhikugu, Caribs.
  • Added Polar and Katuje soundtracks to the Soundtrack Addon (thanks TP). The Katuje soundtrack is mostly the same as TA, just without those tracks I felt were overtly North American, but there are some new ones thanks to Idvhl and Ixor_Drakar. Also added a few additional Southern tracks at the request of Sun Ce of Wu.
  • Incorporated Leugi’s Mestizo Music pack. Full credits to him for compilation, but I figured he’s been gone long enough that the extra effort involved isn’t worth it anymore. If Leugi comes back, and prefers this not, he can let me know.
  • Added a two Sahul myths, one Polar myth, and two Southern myths.
  • Fixed issue where the method of adding support for the Western and Islamic soundtracks (which use entirely vanilla tracks) resulted in these civs to loop their peace them (you can either re-download the Soundtrack or copy this file into Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization 5\MODS\JFD’s Cultural Diversity (Soundtrack)).
  • Thanks to ViceVirtuoso, fixed an issue which prevented the default splash screens from working correctly.
  • Thanks to TP, added some Bantu-exclusive splash screens (just don’t have a Modern one). Also swapped in a new West-African Medieval, Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Industrial splash screen.



  • Reduced the default volume for unit dialogue to 50.
  • Fixed an issue with the modded support trigger.
  • Tribal-America now begins with Bison.
  • Mesoamerica now begins with Calendar.
  • Dialogue should no longer overlap when a unit is selected (it will still overlap if multiple units are selected in quick succession, but this is to be expected).


  • Fixed an issue where the Mediterranean group was using the Dhow embarkation graphics.
  • Added unique soundtrack and splash screens for Egypt. Added a few additional tracks for the other Mesopotamian civs as well.
  • Fixed a few incorrectly named tracks, and re-added some accidentally precluded tracks.
  • Added Sahul Culture Group for Austroneasian~ civilizations, thanks to Reedstilt (who gathered the splash screens). Tag is ‘JFD_Sahul.’ Support for LastSword’s Australia and Hiram’s Kulin already included.
  • Split the Mediterranean group into Southern (‘JFD_Southern’) and Classical (‘JFD_Classical’).
    Note: For mod authors who use the ‘JFD_Mediterranean’ tag, CulDiv should update these automatically to ‘JFD_Classical’ if the soundtrack tag ‘JFD_MediterraneanClassical’ was used. Otherwise, it will update to ‘JFD_Southern.’ However, it’d be overall better if you can update your civs accordingly, when the opportunity arises.
    Note: I still intend to add an ‘Amazonian’ group, however, the name, splash screens, and other such things are still in development.
  • Oriental icon switched back to the Confucian symbol.
  • De-hardcodified the Mythic Event. Use JFD_CultureTypes_MythicEvents(CultureType, Description).
  • Fixed a few bugs in the Culture-specific events; fixing inconsistencies in text:result.
  • Adjusted a few of the events: Western Event now costs Culture. Eastern Event rewards based upon number of Cities. Islamic Event rewards based upon number of filled Trade slots.
  • Added new feature: Unit Dialogue (a part of the Core component). When selecting, moving, or ordering a unit, there is a chance that they will respond in their native (or as close to native) tongue, a la Civ IV. See User Settings to disable, or to fine tune the chance of this occuring. Thanks to Jan and Sukritact for helping gather the Polish and Siamese dialogue.
    Note: As such, I’ve added a new column (“UnitDialogueTag”) Civilization_JFD_CultureTypes. Please see the support file on the new table format, as well as suggestions for supporting the future addition of unit graphics.
    Note: Unfortunately, I can’t have CulDiv retroactively add unit dialogue support, as some civs will specifically require no dialogue. However, each culture group is assigned a ‘default’ dialogue, which is only used if the corresponding setting in the User Settings file is enabled (enabled by default for now, as most mods won’t have initial unit dialogue support).


  • Aesthetic Version now known as the Soundtrack addon, and includes only the unique soundtracks for each culture group (or where applicable). It no longer includes the splash screens or the embarkation graphics. As such, the No Music version has been depreciated.
  • Thanks to Sword of Geddon, added new tracks to the Oceanic, Mediterranean, and African soundtracks. Also added new Andean tracks, thanks to Hangman, and several new Colonial tracks.
  • Added new Andean and West-African/Bantu groups. Arabic, High-American, and Turkic groups know known as Islamic, Mesoamerican, and Steppe.
  • Songhai and Mali moved to West-Africa
  • Added new shared event with unique flavouring for each group (on-going, but each group has at least one for now)
  • Halved the weighting on events, so World Events should show up a little less frequently
  • Added new splash screens to the Tribal American group, thanks to Leugi
  • Re-arranged some of the starting bonuses
  • Byzantium and Armenia no longer receive the Eastern embarkation graphics
  • Added internal support for P&P (Mesoamerican and Andean events will internally switch to Piety rewards instead of Faith when P&P are enabled). This can be used as an example if anyone is interested.


  • Added new splash screens and soundtrack exclusive to Japan
  • Added new oceanic soundtrack
  • Fixed an issue with the Turkic Classical splash screen
  • Re-arranged some of the Tribal American splash screens
  • Expanded upon the Mesopotamian soundtrack
  • Added a few additional Oriental tracks to make up for the removal of some of the Japanese-themed tracks
  • Re-worked the mod to fit better with the Core component

v2 (Core)


  • General code tidying
  • Removed all the dominant culture stuff.
  • Fixed an odd conflict between CulDiv and ExCE.
  • Fixed an issue where using CulDiv with the CBP might result in a crash at the start of a game.
  • Fixed an issue where the culture specific starting resources (Furs and Horses) might start on coast or ocean tiles, or on Mountains.
  • Corrected an issue where the Steppe unique event would grant a generic Great General, instead of a unique one (where applicable)
  • Thanks to Sukritact, added Tribal American embarkation graphic
  • Thanks to Wolfdog, added Mesopotamian embarkation graphic (also added for Bantu)
  • Changed Byzantium to Mediterranean, but with Eastern Soundtrack
  • Changed Spain and Portugal to use Mediterrean Soundtrack
  • Added support for LastSword’s Mapuche, Ndongo, Niitsitapi, Franks, Maurya, Sumeria, Caribbean, Genoa, and Minoans
  • Changes to Architecture styles (e.g. Zulu from Mid-East to South America) can be toggled on and off individually in the users settings
  • Slightly scaled down the Oriental/Mandala embarkation graphics


  • Pushed hardcoded starting bonuses into its own database table
  • All unique events now have rewards and costs that scale by era
  • Colonial group now starts with a WLTKD
  • Minor Civs assigned to appropriate culture groups
  • Added troll event as suggested by Zantonius Hamm.
  • Added fallback colonial city lists for culture groups.



  • Fixed issue where other civilisations to reach their “First to Tech” objective would achieve this even if another civilisation had already.
  • Fixed issue where non-combat units were taking damage from entering Eastern territory.


  • Added new Cultural Group: Eastern. Eastern civilizations are exceptionally resilient; tough to conquer and can resist occupation longer than other civilizations.
  • Recreated UI from scratch, to avoid the original bug of it not showing up properly the first time opened, and to make improvements in the future easier (this UI is a heavy W.I.P.)
  • Added new ways to reflect the cultural group of each civ, thanks to both Leugi and Sukritact.
  • Replaced a few objectives for the Steppes and diversified their rewards.
  • Steppe unique technology no longer extends land trade routes. This is a function of one of their objective rewards.
  • Added new “Global Events” which trigger when certain objectives are achieved by yourself or other civilizations.
  • Added an additional movement to the Great General for the Steppe bonuses.
  • Increased the science penalty for the Steppes.
  • Added many structural changes to make the coding of the mod more streamlined (irrelevant, but still took a bit of work, so worth a mention).
  • Fixed that civilizations whose group haven’t yet been defined could research the unique technologies.
  • Rewards for objectives are now facilitated through buildings, so mods which alter the TopPanel.lua will no longer be secretly incompatible (this would’ve been the case for Armenia, one of the Eastern civs).



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