Exploration Continued Expanded


Titlecard by Sukritact


Exploration Continued Expanded, or ExCE, is a mod aimed at deepening the experience of exploration. It is composed of, at present, two distinct components, each focusing on a particular aspect of exploring new lands. We will detail each component in brief on this page, but you can also follow the links to a more in-depth explanation provided at each section.





Between Civilizations, City-States, and Barbarians, there is little room for de-urbanized but peaceful societies.


Future Plans




  • Fixed incorrect tooltip on the Khoikhoi.
  • Ice now inherits the same attrition penalties as Snow. This can be disabled separately from Snow, but requires Snow to be active.
  • Inca changes now base itself off the trait not the civilization type.
  • Fixed an incompatibility with Sovereignty.
  • Reduced the Scout XP cap to 20% by default.



  • Changed the unit formation of the Explorer to resemble that of the Scout (instead of the Musketman).
  • Fixed an issue wherein Explorers and Adventurers could not upgrade into Great Explorers and Great Adventurers, respectively.



  • Removed Scented Fragrances Corp. This’ll fix incompatibility with the latest VP.
  • Added the option for Barbarians to begin with all immunities (‘JFD_EXCE_ATTRITION_CORE_BARBARIAN_IMMUNITY’) (except Scurvy and Disease). With CID, the immunity promotions for enemy units will be hidden, as its otherwise a bit cluttered. Can change this if need be.



  • Fixed an issue wherein Social Policy costs did not increase until after the first few policies had been taken.
  • Tribal Units will no longer spawn on top of each other when responding to annexation. They should also – hopefully – no longer spawn on cities.
  • Added note in the Annex Tribe tooltip that the Great Recon Unit must be at full HP to conduct the mission.
  • Increased the XP cap gained from uncovering fog of war to 100.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Scouts that upgraded into Archers did not become Great Recon Units at level 5.



  • Scouts that upgrade into Archers via Ancient Ruin will no longer lose the ability to upgrade into Great Scouts.
  • Disabled Scented Fragrances Corp. for now (no time to fix, sorry). This should fix incompatibility with CBP.
  • Added a reference to YnAEMP – no idea why this was never there.



  • Tribe Borders will now automatically show when a selected unit is adjacent to their lands. This replaces the need for Highlights.xml.
  • May now settle in Tribe Borders, just not on their center.
  • Tribes should no longer be placed within 3 tiles of another Tribe.
  • Tribes should no longer be placed in the ocean.
  • Ancient Ruin additions are now disabled with CBP, as they overlap (and conflict as a result).
  • Attrition Wind effects will no longer trigger on Ice.
  • Wind and Jungle may only fire (each) for up to one unit per turn. This reduces the overhead, as this method no longer checks every unit every turn against the Attrition chance. Also stops effects from piling up when on Jungle or Ocean heavy maps.
  • Removed CBP changes to the Bathhouse (as they are no longer valid).
  • CBP Colonist now uses CID’s Colonist icon, even if not using CID.
  • With CBP, the Airship/Great Airship settings will now automatically disable.
  • Added CBP+More Luxes support for the Temple and Basilica.



  • Fixed an issue wherein Disease Immunity… did not grant disease immunity.
  • Added Jorge Velho and Raposo Tavares to the Great Recon list, as per request.
  • Added Manuscripts icon to Atlas, for users without G&K.
  • Added new ExCE section to the pedia (requires CID), which summarizes the new gameplay concepts (Attrition, Tribes, Great Recon Units). Once CID is done, I’ll probably move the Civilopedia screen into ExCE and RtP so that you don’t need CID to view these new sections.
  • Changes to Mint removed (moved to CID).
  • New Pantheon Beliefs now disable with CBP.
  • Added Perfume to Scented Fragrences Inc. and removed Food bonus, buffing Culture and Faith bonus (CBP).
  • (Re-)Added Tribes. From the Civilopedia: Tribes are one of the new gameplay elements added by Exploration Continued Expanded. Tribes represent minor civilizations or groups that have not urbanized. They possess their own borders, but they may exist within other civilizations. Each Tribe possesses a number of tiles which they claim as their own. You cannot improve a Tribe’s borders, but you may work them. All Tribes provide a bonus to the tiles within their borders. If a Tribe falls within your own borders, you may establish a Consulate with them. Each Tribal Consulate will then offer a unique bonus to the city.
  • Added several new Tribes: Matsudaira, Maiyami, Bhakti, Korowai, Dorset, and Bedouin.
  • Re-named Quimbaya to Chavin.
  • Added new graphics for Huron and Comanche thanks to DJSHenninger and Walter Hawkwood.
  • Added proper height maps for each tribe (so no more Holy Site height map being used beneath them).
  • Removed Koga (har har professor).
  • Tribes now appear with a banner giving specific details about their bonuses.
  • Tribes now have borders. These borders are static and cannot be improved, but provide bonuses specific to the Tribe and can be worked.
  • Great Recon Units may now be used to Annex a Tribe, immediately assimilating its borders into the empire and spawning a free Settler. Does not consume the Great Recon Unit.
  • Various Consulate effects have been changed.
  • Updated for 12/3 CBP.



  • Fixed an issue wherein the Airship unit class was being added even when the Airship unit was disabled.
  • Added a few extra Great Admiral, Great General, Great Merchant, and Great Recon names thanks to Reedstilt.
  • With CBP, Vanilla Monopoly now nets 5 Happiness. Manuscripts Monopoly nets +5% Faith and +5% Culture in all Cities.
  • With CBP, Manuscripts is associated with Firaxite Materials and Obsidian is associated with Civilized Jewelers.
  • With CBP, added ‘Scented Fragrances’ Corporation: +2 Trade Routes, +2 Faith, Food, and Culture on Herbalists, Vanilla, Obsidian, Saffron, and Scented Fragrances Offices. +33% Faith, Food, Culture on Trade Routes to Franchises (a bit confused about the difference between, say, Firaxite Materials, which gives 100% Science on Trade Routes to foreign Franchise cities, and LandSea Extractors, which gives 10% Science). No idea if balanced, so let me know – I was generous with the numbers because I these three yields probably fall short of the Science and Production bonuses associated with other Corps, as well as because there are only three resources tied to this Corp.
  • Great Admiral ability to acquire Luxury Resources moved from CID to here.



  • Updated for EUI v1.8
  • Wind Attrition effects no longer trigger from the Industrial Era.
  • Changes to Sun God belief are now correctly disabled by default.
  • Fixed an issue with the Circumnavigation world event.



  • Inca now begin with a free Mint in cities that are settled on Mountains (it did NOT want to put Gold on the tile ).
  • Added new Ancient Ruin bonuses from the CBP (Production, Tiles, and Golden Age Points) – they were originally in the CP but taken out.
  • Resolved (I think) an incompatibility between ExCE and Tarcisio’s Mehmed V, by disabling TSL. This is not a permanent solution, but I’m stumped – especially because no one has reported the same issue with Mercs. and Mehmed V’s Turks.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Jungle-based resources would not spawn (there was a seemingly needless “Is this plot impassable” check).
  • Recon Units may now cross Mountains and Ice from the start (basically, anything with Ignore Terrain Cost). So, if you want to capture an Incan city, you’ll need one of these, or a road.
  • Intrepid promotion, somewhat in compensation of the above, now gives recon units double movement in Marsh, in addition to Forest and Jungle.
  • Updated Resources and Buildings for the latest CBP (let me know if there’s something I’ve missed).



  • CBP support is now automatic. You no longer need to turn on the user setting.
  • Added CID support for Feathers viz. Towns/Villages.
  • You may now set the max amount of XP a Scout gains from exploring in the User Settings file. Also, how much is gained from discovering a Natural Wonder, and the chance of gaining XP per tile.
  • Bumped up the max amount of XP a Scout can gain from exploring to 60.
  • Inca may now move (and settle) on Mountains. Can be switched off in User Settings.
  • Added option for Sun God to increase the food of Ginger. Off by default.
  • Added option for Caravels to gain XP from exploring Fog of War. Off by default (because this seems way OP).
  • Added missing 16×16 for added promotions.



  • With CBP: Vanilla and Obsidian improved by the Herbalist.
  • With CBP: Ginger improved by the Market.
  • With CBP: Saffron improved by the Temple.
  • With CBP: Opium improved by Garden/Bathhouse.


  • Removed reference to choosing ancient ruin bonus in the strategy text for the Great Recon units.
  • Added Belem Tower audio, thanks to Nichlenm.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Feathers could not be improved.
  • With CBP, Great Scout is unlockable at Trapping (to fix the error heinous_hat brought up, at least partially). This only affects your being able to purchase them.


  • Free Harbours from Maritime Infrastructure removed and replaced with +20% Production toward Harbours, Seaports, and Lighthouses.
  • With EE, added Drydocks to Maritime Infrastructure.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Resources could not be improved.


  • Added the option to turn off either or both of the Recon Units and Great Recon Units.
  • Added the option to turn off the new recon-specific promotions (disabled with CBP).
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Tactical Reconnaissance was allowing units to cross mountains and ice.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Mint, Monastery, Factory, and Granary text did not update to reflect the resources that they now support (Copper and Bison, respectively).
  • Changes to Mint and Granary are now disabled if using CBP.
  • Belem Tower now grants extra Sight and extra Defense to ALL embarked units (up from just Recon). But grants only 1/2/1 Great Admiral/Explorer/Great Explorer.
  • Recon Units now upgrade along their tech path, instead of to their Great variant, if by Goody hut.
  • Fixed issue with CBP support vis-a-vi Recon Unit upgrades. Triggers one of those ‘Tourism events’ (wasn’t intentional, but is a nice side effect).
  • Updated Resource visibility according to the CBP’s settings.
  • Exploration Finisher now grants the extra workable tile. Vicegentry gives +2 Happiness on Harbours, which is changed to on Colonies with CC&C.
  • Maritime Infrastructure now gives a free Harbour in your first 3 cities. These changes were done to make compatibility between Vanilla, ExCE, C&C, H&P, and CBP less of a headache.
  • Various code tidying to try and squeeze out stability.
  • Fixed an error which may have prevented the True Location function for YnAEMP maps from working for the new resources.
  • Belem Tower is now disabled with Policy changes disabled or CBP support on.
  • Added support for Enlightenment Era. EE Explorer and Surveyor removed (hidden, not deleted!), and Explorer, Belem Tower moved to Exploration, Adventurer moved to Natural History.
  • Added missing descriptions for new unit combat classes.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Resources would re-spawn on reloading the game.
  • Thanks to Gazebo, the method of making Jungle impassable has been improved, and, to boot, the AI now understands this.
  • Added indication to the Optics tech (Mathematics in CBP) that it enables units to cross Jungle.
  • Ginger is now a luxury resource. Added +1 Gold to the base yield of Ginger.
  • Health & Plague support is now automatic.
  • Great Recon Units no longer appear in the Tech Tree. They’re still unlocked beside their non-Great counterpart.
  • Great Recon outside friendly lands bonus reduced to 20% (from 25%), but their base combat strength is now +2 on that of their non-Great counterpart.
  • Scout and Great Scout moved to Trapping (of course you can disable this! Don’t pelt me with mushrooms!)
  • Fixed an issue wherein the added Beliefs did not produce their effect.
  • Added new Belem Tower splash screen.
  • Great Recon units no longer begin with the ‘Native Tongue’ promotion.
  • Explorers/Great Explorers now have +3 Moves and Adventurers/Great Adventurers now have +4 Moves, instead of the +2 whilst embarked. Airships/Great Airships (teehee) still have +6.
  • Added Resource_JFD_ContinentReplacements table. This will replace one resource with another in a specified continent (can be disabled in User Settings). This doesn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped, or as it sounds, because for whatever reason America is Europe and Europe is Graeco-Rome and God knows what else on the Earth maps (on YnAEMP its a bit better, but there’s already an option to filter unwanted luxuries out). So it may be taken out in the next update, depending on reports.
    • Cow is replaced with Bison in the Americas, otherwise Bison is replaced with Cow.
    • Spices are replaced with Vanilla in the Americas, otherwise Vanilla is replaced with Spices.
    • Gems is replaced with Obsidian in the Americas, otherwise Obsidian is replaced with Gems.
    • Silk is replaced with Dye anywhere other than Asia.
    • Incense replaced with Ginger in Asia, otherwise Ginger replaced with Incense.
    • Cocoa replaced with Citrus in Asia and Mid-East.
    • Ivory replaced with Opium in Asia.
    • Ivory replaced with Cotton in America.
  • Embarking from a city now costs half the usual movement at Navigation and no movement at Rocketry (CBP addition, but ported over).
  • Resources should no longer spawn on Natural Wonders.
  • The primary AI use of Great Recon units should now be to found cities abroad.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Great Recon Units could not gain new promotions.
  • Fixed an error wherein the Scout stated that it evolved into a Great Scout at level 6, when really it evolves when it levels up when knowing the move ‘Gaze’ at level 5
  • Added ‘Venturer’s Service’ event, allowing you to pay for a Great Recon Unit that yields Gold from kills.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Great Adventurer unit model was doubling the number of members.
  • It is temporarily not possible to found a city in Jungle before Optics, even if your Settler/Recon Unit/Conquistador has Jungle Immunity, as this causes the game to either swallow the Settler or to CTD. Because of this, any Jungle that you start in is removed on load – this does mean you don’t have much option to move your starting Settler if you begin in Jungle. Gazebo should hopefully find a fix soon. This obviously only matters if you’re using the Jungle Impassable setting.
  • Shipwrecks have been disabled for now.



  • Fixed an issue wherein the new beliefs (for resources) weren’t showing.
  • Ported changes made to Granary (to affect Bison) and Mint (to affect Copper) from Trade to Exploration component. Supports modded Granaries and Mints if said mod has a reference to ExCE.
  • Resources should no longer respawn on loading.
  • Added CBP and Health and Plague support (see UserSettings, as with Piety).
  • Reduced chance of Mutiny event occuring for naval units
  • Fixed issue where one might begin with a Cossack instead of a Warrior.
  • Pazyryk’s NMCTJs is now turned on in this mod by default (see user settings).
  • Fixed incorrect Graphics for pre-Industrial Ginger and Rubber (not that the latter was possible).
  • Barbarians should no longer be able to spawn Great Recon units.
  • Fixed issue with Shipwrecks not appearing.
  • Jungle impassability may now be disabled separately from its other effects.
  • Added a special reward for those who circumnavigate the globe (please let me know if you get it).
  • Resources (Luxury/Bonus) may now be disabled from the UserSettings file.
  • Belem Tower now grants 2 free Great Explorers.
  • Tribes have been disabled until the next update, as the system has to be reconsidered in light of the impending release of [REDACTED].



  • Fixed an issue wherein the Shoshone were starting with a Warrior instead of the Pathfinder.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the War Elephant could not attack.
  • Great Recon units now grant Golden Age points (or Prestige) when expended to create a city, based upon their level.
  • Rubber is now a bonus resource; will no longer be demanded by cities for WLTKD.
  • Factories now improve the production output of Sulphur and Rubber (optional)
  • ExCE no longer blocks More Wonders’ Grand Canal wonder. In the event that I find an excuse to keep it in, it’ll be up to the player not to use both. Or to use both. Whatever.
  • Attrition re-added and revamped:
    • Much of attrition moved from Lua to the DLL; should improve performance and stability. Some technical consequences, however.
    • Desert: In unfriendly Desert, Units have a 20% chance to take 10 damage each turn and cannot heal. (optional)
    • Disease: In unfriendly Marsh, Units take 5 damage each turn and cannot heal. (optional)
    • Fallout: In Fallout, Units take 15 damage each turn and cannot heal. (optional)
    • Jungle: In unfriendly Jungle, Units take 5 damage each turn and cannot heal. Cannot cross until Optics. Units may lose or gain movement at the beginning of their turn. (optional)
    • Scurvy: In unfriendly Ocean, Units have a 50% chance to take 15 damage each turn. (optional)
    • Snow: In unfriendly Snow, Units have a 20% chance to take 20 damage each turn and cannot heal. (optional)
    • Wind: In unfriendly Ocean, Units may lose or gain movement at the beginning of their turn. (optional)
    • Scurvy immunity now comes at Steam Power (as Biology was full).
    • Each form of attrition can now be disabled independently of the rest.
    • Woodsman promotion no longer grants Jungle immnuity. Consequentially, the Jaguar (both Aztec and Tlaxcala) have been given Jungle immunity.
    • Oases, Flood Plains, Rivers, Tribes, and Routes no longer give a reprieve to any attrition (one of those technical consequences).
    • Oases and Flood Plains now give 10% Defense to Units on them (optional)



  • Added support for Hulfgar’s Industrial Modpack. If HIM is enabled, the Great Scout is moved to Cartography, his Explorer unit is removed, and the Paratrooper no longer upgrades from the Explorer.
  • Added CBP resource monopoly support for the luxury resources introduced in ExCE.
  • Monastery enhances Saffron in addition to Wine and Incense.
  • Belem Tower and Great Recon faith purchasing now disabled if the policy changes option is also disabled. The tooltip when hovering over the policy background will not reflect the changes unless you’re using my Prestige mod.
  • Removed print statements used to test performance that were causing long turn times.
  • Fixed an issue where the Exploration Finisher was only allowing you to purchase Airships with Faith.
  • Reduced the movement of Triremes from 4 to 3.
  • Added Wind Attrition – in unfriendly Ocean tiles, Units have a chance to lose or gain extra movement at the beginning of their turn.
  • Re-enabled the Intrepid Explorer promotion. The issue preventing them from crossing Mountain and Ice is now resolved in the latest version of the CP DLL.
  • Fixed an issue where the new bonus resources (Lotus, Cedar, Oak, and Ginger) were registering as Luxuries. Should mean cities no longer demand Lotus for WLTKD, but let me know if this isn’t true.
  • Opium should no longer spawn on Oasis tiles.
  • Increased the value of XP gained from uncovering tiles to 2.
  • Added some cautionary improvements to the code, to help ween out any crashes
  • Tribes are now permanent. This may change if I can figure out how to best deal with the AI always wanting to genocide them.
  • Having Tribes in your borders allows you to build Consulates (no longer requires Trade, but maintenance and production costs upped to 2 and 150, respectively, to compensate). Some effects have changed; I’ll list them all for references sake:
    • Comanche: Allows Comanche Riders without horses (at Military Science) and increases Mounted Unit starting XP by 10.
    • Cossacks: Allows Cossacks without horses (at Military Science) and increases Mounted Unit production by 15%.
    • Dogon: Allows Sofi (at Machinery) and grants an extra Trade Route.
    • Huron: Increases Production of Forest Tiles.
    • Itza: Increases the length of Golden Ages by 20%.
    • Khoikhoi: Melee, Ranged, and Gun Units heal 10 damage whenever they defeat an enemy and may use enemy roads.
    • Koga: Allows Ninjas (at Steel) and reduces enemy spy effectiveness by 50% in the city.
    • Kwakwaka’wakw: Increases Food on Snow and Tundra Tiles.
    • Quimbaya: Grants 1 copy of Gold and Copper.
    • Shaolin: Religious Units ignore terrain penalties when moving.
    • Sufi: Allows War Elephants (at Machinery) and increase worker improvement speed by 15%.
    • Tartars: Allows Czambul without horses (at Chivalry) and increases Mounted attack vs cities by 15%.
    • Tlaxcala: Allows Jaguars (at Steel) and allows Melee and Gun units to earn faith from kills.
    • Udasi: Allows Missionaries to spread their Religion an additional time.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tlaxcala Jaguar could be trained without Steel.
  • Fixed an issue where the War Elephant was being enabled by the Wheel instead of Machinery.
  • Prefixed Jaguars, Sofas, and War Elephants with the name of their tribe. Named Cossacks to Don Cossacks and made them slightly stronger than regular Cossacks.
  • Added Smithsonian Institute at Biology: increases Science and Culture output of Tribes by 2. Also possesses two slots for artifacts.



  • Fixed an issue where the Tlaxcala was not displaying their help text, and the Udasi were displaying the incorrect one.
  • Females leaders adopting Exploration will now be known as Empress.
  • Reduced the purchasing cost of Great Scouts.
  • Reduced the gold reward from pillaging tribes.
  • If a Tribe is pillged or removed, it will correctly remove the… erhm… dummy resource that is their livelihood.
  • Great Recon Units now have +2 Movement whilst embarked, instead of the +1 Movement extra movement (which wasn’t applying when embarked anyway).
  • Fixed issue where the SV icons for Rubber and Sulfur were mixed up.
  • Fixed CTD when a city would be settled on top of a Tribe; disabled ability for Tribes to produce an enemy unit if pillaged for now.
  • Tribes should no longer only spawn on the equator.
  • Disabled the Intrepid Explorer promotion until I can figure why it doesn’t work.
  • Fixed various missing SV icons for Tribes
  • Fixed an issue where Tribes could be traded as luxury resources
  • Exploration policy Opener and Finisher effects will disable if the Exploration Changes option is disabled, however, the help text for the Open Branch button will still display the modded text. Same goes for the Honour tree.
  • Added CBP support. Policy changes will automatically switch off if CBP Policy changes are enabled, Explorer will be deleted, most everything else seems naturally compatible.


  • Added support for Trading Posts Grow into Towns mod
  • Added Trade:
    • All resources (except Strategic) and Tribes unlock ‘Trade Buildings,’ which allow further bonuses to be applied to a city depending upon the resource type that unlocked them. Each city can only support a certain number of Trades, and each resource takes up a certain number of Trade slots. You essentially build and sell Trades just like any regular building, but may only have a certain number in any given city, and you must have access to the prerequisite resource (imported or local). Consequentially, bonus resources are now tradable. Build the Trader (new Market prerequisite), Market, and East India Company buildings to increase a city’s Trade capacity. (optional)
    • Protectionism social policy allows cities to support an additional Trade.
    • Netherlands may support an additionl Trade in all cities (in addition to the regular effects of their UA).
    • Resource happiness is adjusted depending upon the Trade value of the resource – this grants happiness bonuses to bonus resources, as well.
    • Trade Diplomacy screen now shows the help text for resources, explaining their Trade value.
    • Granary now includes Bison (including from Tomatekh’s Sioux), and Mint now includes Copper.
    • Portugal’s Casa da India decision modified to allow an additional Trade to be established in all cities.



  • Fixed a CTD related to settling on top of Tribes.
  • Embarked units now correctly receive Scurvy attrition.
  • Reduced the chance of losing a unit to Jungle attrition when they are moving along river or coast.
  • Tribes should no longer spawn adjacent to another Tribe.
  • Added Colonies:
    • Cities founded a certain distance (adjustable in user settings) begin as colonies: special puppet cities in which you may still purchase items with gold or faith, but are limited as to what kinds depending upon the type of colony founded. Colonies begin with free items, depending upon the type. Colony types cannot be changed and colonies cannot normally be integrated into the empire.
    • National Treasury reintroduced; East India Company now unlocks Trade Colonies.
    • Portugal may now (in addition to the regular effects of their UA) integrate colonies into their empire, and may re-locate their Capital whilst at war, as they please.
    • Colony loyalty determines the chance of a colony to go into a period of resistance or to defect from your empire (into Major Civs, City-States, or Barbarians). In order to achieve this, a proportion of the number of major and minor civs in the game are “killed off” and “reserved” to be respawned later. This proportion can be adjusted in the options file. Please note that the system seems somewhat unstable, and may result in CTDs if the possibility of flipping to majors or minors is enabled (it’s really erratic in this regard). In addition, if the new civilisation is a specifically assigned one (e.g. America for England), you will need to restart the game in order for the leaderscene to show the correct leader. It is not possible to grant colonies independence; this is, unfortunately, a game limt. Use this mechanic at your own discretion.
      • High loyalty increases the culture and tourism outputs of colonies. Increase colony loyalty with Constables, Police Stations, Military Garrisons, WLtKDs, Golden Ages, and City Connections.
      • Puppet cities are affected by loyalty, and may flip back to their original owners.
      • Military Caste policy doubles the loyalty value of Military Garrisons.



  • Fixed an issue wherein Barbarians could spawn Great Recon Units.
  • Scouts/Explorers/Adventurers/Airships will now upgrade into Great Scouts/Great Explorers/Great Adventurers/Great Airships with the appropriate Ancient Ruin.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the new pantheon beliefs were not taking effect.
  • Naval Units should – correctly – no longer disband in coast and take 10 instead of 15 damage from Scurvy.
  • I have lowered the chance of the AI taking attrition by half as much as the human player, which will hopefully help their obliviousness to the mechanic a bit.
  • Units spawned from sources other than cities (such as events or policies) will now receive immunity-based promotions when applicable.
  • Starting Units now receive immunity-based promotions when applicable.
  • All Polynesian units now have Scurvy immunity, as was originally intended
  • Great Lighthouse now grants Scurvy immunity to Naval Units; production cost slightly increased to compensate.
  • Disabled the continent prerequisite for Tribes.


  • Fixed an issue wherein Barbarians and other civs were starting with a Great Scout (Great Scouts consequentially unlocked at Trapping).
  • Fixed a serious conflict with custom civ mods, down to bad copy-pasting on my part.
  • Added Attrition:
    • Jungle: Units may not enter Jungle until you research Optics.
    • Thick Forest (Forest with adjacent adjacent Forest or Jungle) and Jungle: Units may be instantly disbanded as they move through Jungle or Thick Forest; reduce this chance by following Coasts and Rivers, or by entering into Tribe tiles.
    • Disease: Units ending their turn in Marsh, Flood Plains, or Jungle have a 30% chance to become diseased, lowering their combat strength and causing them to take 2 damage each turn until they return to friendly borders (including the borders of an allied City-State). Units that have been cured of being diseased gain an immunity to disease.
    • Scurvy: Naval Units have a 50% chance to take 15 damage in Coast or Ocean. 5% chance that Naval Units will instantly disband in Ocean.
    • Desert: Units take 5 damage every turn and cannot heal in Desert. Take reprieve in Flood Plains, Oases, next to Rivers, or with Tribes. Desert costs 2 moves instead of 1.
    • Snow: Each turn, 50% chance Units take 10 damage in Snow. Units cannot heal in Snow. Take reprieve with Tribes. Snow costs 2 moves instead of 1.
    • Units trained in a city on or adjacent to Desert, Snow, or Jungle begin with a natural immunity to the attrition effects of those terrains.
    • Recon Units may be upgraded with immunities to Snow, Desert, Jungle, and Disease. All units gain these immunities at certain technologies (Ecology: Desert and Snow, Biology: Scurvy, Penicillin: Disease, Satellites: Jungle)
    • Immunities to Desert and Snow give double movement in those terrains. Immunity to Disease heals +5 HP per turn.
    • Attrition does not affect Cargo Ships and Caravans, or certain late-game units
    • Woodsman promotion grants immunity to Jungle, Berber Cavalry gains Desert Immunity, Norwegian Ski Infantry and Carolean gains Snow Immunity, Nau gains Scurvy Immunity, Conquistador gains full immunity.
    • Polynesian units begin with Scurvy Immunity.
    • Navigation School grants Scurvy Immunity to Great Admirals.



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