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  • In light of the fact that new Resolutions are not, after all, possible, the Ban Mercenaries resolution has been removed.
  • Slightly increased the cost of taking out Contracts.
  • AI will only take at most 3 Contracts out at any one time. You can change the specific amount in the UserSettings.
  • Disband Chance and Mutiny Chance are now set in the Contracts table, for those who’ve added new contracts.


  • Japanese Translation updated for v6 thanks to Sub6.
  • Re-did the splash screen for Jiayuguan Fort.
  • Fixed a few issues with CBP support, as noted by Sub6.



  • Updated for EUI 1.8.
  • CBP support is now automatic, and Mercenaries tech is no longer automatically disabled.
  • Added new unit model for the Black Rider, thanks to Zwei833.
  • Added missing units for Sons of Mil contract.
  • Mercenaries tech cost reduced to 85 Science (on par with Optics).
  • Weyland-Yutani paradrop bonus now only 5 (down from 20) – but they now exclusively offer GDRs (paradropping GDRs is too cool4u).
  • Added more appropriate Mercenary icon for the EUI drop-down and notification thanks to Sukritact.



  • Reduced cost of Jiayuguan Fort
  • Added missing 214×214 tech icon.
  • Added wonder music thanks to Nichlenm.
  • Tech tree star should correctly indicate Mercs. unlock at Writing with the CBP.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Jiayuguan Fort was not extending the length of Contracts.
  • Added new Jiayuguan Fort splash screen.



  • Pushed hardcoded text out into the GameText_Interface file. Thanks Sub6 for pointing this out.
  • Fixed Firaxis laziness for various unit classes, where the text for these were written directly in the unit classes table, instead of linked to a string!
  • Added Japanese translation courtesy of Sub6.


  • Fixed a random ‘too much code in mah syntax’ Lua error.
  • If using the CP DLL, improved the method of retrieving unique units.


  • Re-named Contracts Overview to Mercenaries Overview. I don’t think I’ll be adding any other type of Contracts (originally had the idea for ‘Business Contracts,’ but I gradually elemented the viability of what they were to offer). Settlers and Great Merchants caused issues because of how they are ‘one-time’ units. Great Recon units were just glorified Mercenaries and could be condensed into a single new Mercenary Contract. And Workers was an underwhelming approach to Slavery (though was still the most useful of the lot).
  • Fixed a Lua issue which may have been causing issues with the Current Contracts overview. Certainly, it was causing issues with the Contract overview not updating properly in the event that a Minor Civ had hired a Mercenary.
  • Fixed issue wherein Hessians and Potsdam Giants were still unlocked at the Industrial Era.
  • Zouaves now unlocked at the Enlightenment Era.
  • Fixed issue with the Mercenary Contract button in the Unit Panel.



  • Re-named the Mercenary Contracts Overview to just Contracts Overview, as MCO did fit in the dropdown when not using EUI.
  • Added support for Piety costing Contracts (in preparation for the change-over in Piety) – they’ll still cost Faith until Piety is updated, however.
  • Added Company of Merchant Adventurers contract as a mid-game Recon contract (mainly for use with ExCE or EE).
  • Fixed an issue where the De Meuron contract was not working.
  • Fixed an issue with CBP compatibility.
  • Fixed an issue where extending or breaking Contracts showed as costing Gold even when they cost Faith/Piety.



  • Added the option to turn off the changes to the Mercenary Army policy (good for mods that completely remove it), as well as to disable Jiayuguan Fort.
  • Fixed an issue with EUI and tech tree support. On that note, added a ‘Technologies_JFD_MiscEffects’ table in order to better support adding those ‘star’ icons to the tech tree (they were otherwise hardcoded).
  • Added the following new contracts: Janissaries, Outlaws, Wild Geese, Fortit Industries (thanks Kesler!), and Outer Heaven.
  • Added the following new contracts which may be disabled in the user settings (as they offer uniquely Mercenary units outside the standard line, which I don’t like): Black Riders and Varangian Guard. (I’ll possibly add the Doppelsoldner and Swiss Guard in the future, once HRE and Papal States have been updated) (thanks to Zwei883 for doing all the work for the Black Riders, which I just incorporated, and, of course, thanks to Jan for the artwork).
  • With CBP, Mercenary Contracts is no longer deleted (reduces CTDs).
  • Fixed an issue where the White Company, unlocked at the Renaissance, was obsoleting at the Medieval Era… Also fixed an issue where they were 2 stars instead of 5.
  • Significantly reduced the gold and faith costs of taking out Merc. Contracts. Thanks to Jan for the feedback! Let me know if it’s too much/still not enough.
  • Reduced the rating of the Hetairea from 4 to 3, in order to differentiate more from the Varangian (both share the near Capital bonus – though Varangian’s is stronger).
  • Fixed an issue where Mercenary Contracts were not being created if you began the game with Merc. Contracts already unlocked.
  • Fixed an error where the ‘Extended Contract’ notification would display how many turns the extension was for (10 on standard), instead of how many turns total was left for the Contract.
  • Fixed an issue where with E&D the Persian Cataphract would show up as ‘Create the Savaran Cavalry’ – dunno why this unit needed to be a unique unitclass, but whatevs.
  • Because the AI doesn’t pay maintenance (user setting) on their contracts, I’ve upped the cost of their Contracts a bit. Huns were getting a bit out of hand… But please let me know how things go (you won’t, but whatever).
  • Sons of Mars contract now costs Gold, as I don’t think there’s anyway I can make it cheap enough Faith-wise that early.



  • Minor code-fixing.
  • Fixed an issue where untaken Contracts were being reset on game load.
  • Fixed issue with CBP compatility.


  • May now disable the Mercenary Contracts tech in the user settings file.
    • Gaesatae and Merc. Contracts unlocked at Currency.
    • Jiayuguan Fort unlocked at Construction.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the AI from taking Merc. Contracts.
  • Fixed an issue where beginning in a later era would spawn you with Gaesatae/Hessians.
  • Updated Atholl Highlanders and Mamlukes to use the new dialogue types introduced by CulDiv’s latest update.
  • Hashshasins now obsolete with the Renaissance Era.
  • Added 6 new Contracts. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions! I may add more later, but I wanted to get this update out asap, and I only added those that didn’t need too much thought/work (I started adding a few others, such as the Varangians, Black Riders, Janissaries, etc., but its gotten a bit late for me now, which is why you’ll see, in the files, those added but disabled)
    • Harland and Wolff
    • Stradiot
    • Hackapell
    • Barbary Corsairs
    • Cebeille Stingers
    • Diamond Dogs
  • Added the accidentally missing Flavors for the Jiayuguan Fort.
  • Lowered the cost of hiring out Mercenary Contracts.
  • Mercenary Contracts will now only ‘advance’ with the human player, instead of with the first civ to reach a new era.
  • Contracts will no longer choose units of Civilization in-game (if you are using the Community Patch and CulDiv)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Privateer from updating as a Merc. unit properly.
  • Privateers no longer capture ships. This is now the job of the Barbary Corsair. They now gain their Plunder bonus from their Contract Promo. However, the Dutch Sea Beggar retains Coastal Raider I, and so stacks.



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