Rise to Power



Rise to Power, formally Piety & Prestige, or RtP, is a mod aimed at deepening the experience of manging your state-level and external affairs. It is composed of, at present, four distinct components, each focusing on a particular aspect of state management. We will detail each component in brief on this page, but you can also follow the links to a more in-depth explanation provided at each section.

Homepage and Download.

For installation instructions, please see here.



In this game, cities must be founded or conquered. But this belies millennia of diplomatic inheritances and exchanges involving great and lesser powers. This component seeks to address this by introducing a means of annexing City-States in times of peace.

In Claims, a new resource called ‘Dignitaries,’ primarily accumulated through the generation and expenditure of Great Dignitaries, may be used to push a ‘Claim’ on a City-State. How many Dignitaries, as well as how much Gold, this action costs will depend upon the strength of that Claim, which is increased through various conditions met. In the screenshot below, we can see that I have a weak Claim on Lhasa. If I decided to push this Claim, I would immediately acquire Lhasa’s city as I might any city in a trade – being prompted to either puppet or annex the city without suffering the warmonger penalty associated with outright conquering it.


This is not, however, the entire component. To accomodate the introduction of the Great Dignitary, new Buildings, a Specialist, Technologies, and Wonders are introduced. In addition, if you are also using Sukritact’s Events & Decisions, a new Great Person, the Great Magistrate, is introduced as a counterpart to the Great Dignitary, furthering the addition of new Buildings, Specialists, Technologies, and Wonders. New Decisions are also introduced, and some pre-existing Decisions are modified.

These are the basics of Claims, but more information on this component can be found on the wiki or here.







Future Plans




  • Fixed incorrect text on Compile Code of Laws, which reduces the Reform Cooldown, not the cost.
  • Fixed TXT_KEY issue with Rome’s Republican title.
  • Anarchy Sentiment penalty for having no Legislature is now 30% (up from 20%). Removed the penalty to Sov. per Left/Right Reform.
  • Fixed issue with Tradition sovereignty not working if at least one Legitimacy condition had not been met.
  • Fixed issue with Choose Government notification sticking after you’ve chosen your government. Thanks to Tryford!
  • Fixed an issue viz. the Trade Reform and CBO.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Aztec perpetual WLTKD did not work.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Piety rate did not calculate correctly.
  • Added missing LuaEvents.JFD_EpithetGranted(playerID, epithetID).
  • Added Monk/Dignitary/Magistrate support for CBO’s Mastery belief. Policy specialist changes should already work.
  • Fixed issue with Privy Council mission sometimes being unavailable. Thank you again to Tryford! An space in the ID sequence was indeed the problem.



  • Added the option to hide strategic resources in the Top Panel (this functionality is on the Top Panel).
  • Added Sovereignty component.



  • Misc.
  • Added current time to the Top Panel (see user settings to turn off).
  • Added Diplo Corner support for extra buttons. See the Additional Information dropbox for options on what buttons are shown.
  • Added turns until next Policy indicator on the Policy button and turns until Piety drops on the Religon button.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Summer Palace continued to give a free Great Person of your choice.
  • Fixed an issue whereby bullying City-States would be impossible because of a bugged ‘too low influence’ condition.
  • Da Vinci’s Workshop now only applies to Siege Units. But:
  • Da Vinci’s Workshop, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and Kremlin changes moved to PiT.
  • Changes to Humanism moved to PiT.
  • Changes to Parthenon and Leaning Tower tech requirement moved to PiT.
  • Added Unit_Missions and UnitClass_Missions table, for tieing custom missions to units.
  • Made some updates to the Civilopedia game concept entries.
  • Summer Palace is now disabled (EE). It will return as a World Wonder in Sovereignty.
  • Claims (Core) user setting now handles all Great Dignitary/Magistrate stuff, so these can now be disabled.
  • Claims (Core Claims) user setting added to distinguish Claims on City-States (the actual mechanic :p) – but this requires Claims Core.
  • Incoporated Curns’ ideas into the Decisions:
  • Reduced the cost of Invite Great Person to Court and this now only applies to Merchants, Engineers, and Scientists.
  • Added Invite Civil Servant to Court, for Magistrates and Dignitaries.
  • Added Invite Veteran to Court, for Generals, Admirals, and Recon Units.
  • Added Invite Holy Man to Court, for Doctors and Prophets Units (requires Health).
  • Renamed Invite Great Person to Invite Tutor.
  • Invite Civil Servant/Holy Man/Veteran/Tutor requires the Liberty/Piety/Honour/Tradition Finishers, respectively.
  • Reduced the cost of Promote the Arts.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the CulDiv cause did not work. Also fixed an issue where it was on by default.
  • Re-wrote the main Causes Lua, which should improve performance and now supports negative Cause sources. Because of this, anticipate anomalies and please report any such oddities.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the City-State popup screen would mess up if the CS did not yet have a Capital.
  • Added new modern variation for the Great Magistrate. Thanks, Jan!
  • Rome’s changes are now tied to its Trait and not its Civilization type.
  • Rome’s UA with slavery now gives Shackles from defeating Barbarians (1 each).
  • Added new Dignitary expended sound effect – thanks to Sir Kesler for the suggestion.
  • Policy changes to the Liberty Opener and Patronage Finisher may now be disabled independently of each other, and allowed the option for Forum Magnum to be disabled without disabling the Great Magistrate faith purchases.
  • Added LuaEvents.JFD_ClaimPushed(playerID, minorID), LuaEvents.JFD_MagistratesGranted(playerID, unit), LuaEvents.JFD_CityAssimilated(playerID, unit), LuaEvents.JFD_CityReclaimed(playerID, unit), and LuaEvents.JFD_DignitariesGranted(playerID, unitID)
  • When Assimilating City with the Great Magistrate, Resistance and Revolt Sentiment is now cleared. Hence, this action can now be taken in non-occupied cities.
  • Great Dignitaries and Great Magistrates must now be stationed in a city in order to grant Dignitaries and Magistrates.
  • Added unique mission icons for Assimilate City and Reclaim City.
  • Reduced the WLTKD boost from Westminster to 15% Faith and Culture.
  • Added support for Todai-Ji and the Buddhas of Bamiyan to the Maharaj epithet.
  • Sun King now increases Culture during Golden Ages by 10%.
  • Added new epithets (the Enlightened, Augustus, the Monk, the Slaver, the Barbarian Slayer, the Pious, the Philosopher, the Soldier, and the Diplomat) – the Reformer to come with Sov. and the Silent with EC v4, bringing the total to50.
  • Added sound effect for when an Epithet is recognised.
  • Added failsafe check to ensure that Epithets that you already have will not trigger (was a reported issue about the Zealot doing this).
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Magnanimous was impossible to get with Investments (CiD) enabled.
  • Piety system has been reworked slightly. All Piety rewards are now fixed (as opposed to previously scaled by how much Piety you have), however, there are now global modifiers that increase or decrease all Piety sources. E.g. Grand Inquisition now increases Piety from all sources by +25%, meaning, where you would get +20 Piety per X before building the GI, you will now get +25.
  • Piety rate from being above or below your resting rate is now determined by the number of Civilizations following your State Religion. So, the more civs following, the more demanding it is to maintain high levels of Piety. Conversely, the more civs following, the easier it is to climb back up to your resting rate. As a result, Piety no longer decreases for every city of another civ not following your state religion. This is only applicable to the founder
    of religions, however. Other civs only worry about themselves.
  • Holding the Holy City for your religion now increases your resting rate to the point that you cannot become Heretical.
  • Now gain +5/10 (depending on game speed) resting rate per Holy City Owner that follows your State Religion (other than you).
  • You no longer receive a Piety boost or loss when Civilizations or City-States adopt or change State Religions, or Secularize.
  • Should now be possible to disable Piety in the user settings.
  • Aztec UA now based off of its Trait, instead of the Civilization.
  • Aztec perpetual WLTKD now only applies in the Capital when Devout.
  • Fixed an issue whereby Missionaries did not gain additional strength/spreads with Devout Piety.
  • Synagogue now yields +2 Food (from +1).
  • Added various detail to the Piety Top Panel TT.
  • Civilizations will no longer adopt State Religions that are not the majority in their cities (this was detrimental).
  • Dome of the Rock no longer requires Piety. Mosque of Djenne returned as Piety wonder.
  • Fixed an issue whereby sorting by Found Date in the World Religions tab would cause the screen to go blank.
  • Added Theurgy Belief (+1 Science per 2 followers (up to 8), earn Piety from discovering techs), to correspond with the added Hermeticism.
  • Almsgiving now bases its Piety yield off of WLTKDs, instead of Population growth.
  • You now gain a small amount of Piety whenever you discover a Faith-based Natural Wonder.
  • Todai-Ji now gives a free Pagoda in the city. Reduced Culture yield to 1 (from 3) and increased Production by 50.
  • Cologne Cathedral now gives a free Cathedral in the city. Tourism reduced to 5 and base yields halved.
  • Reduced the number of GProphetPoints Stonehenge gives to 1 (from 2).
  • Added new icon for Religious Orders tech by Janboruta the Merciful (Sukritact’s one was overlapping).
  • Great Prophets may no longer be expended for Relics unless you are Devout.
  • Dome of the Rock now rewards Piety based upon the captured city’s pop, and now eliminates the Piety loss from warring with Civilizations of your State Religion.
  • Fixed an issue whereby disabling the Temple of Heaven would cause Todai-Ji to not function.
  • AI may now spend Piety on City-State Influence, provided they are relatively high in City-State flavour and at least Virtuous.
  • City-States will no longer always secularize once Liberalism is researched (religious CS will still never secularise).
  • Added Buddhas of Bamiyan wonder; +25% Piety from all sources and allows you to establish a State Religion without Priesthood. Unlocks at Construction.
  • Grand Inquisition now produces +25% Piety from all sources.
  • Syncretism policy now increases Piety resting rate by 15 (in addition to current effect).
  • Hermeticism can now be disabled in the user settings.
  • With CiD, Cologne Cathedral is moved to Nationalism.
  • Hagia Sophia being moved to Drama and Poetry is now an option separate from its other changes.
  • Added FLAVOR_JFD_STATE_RELIGION. This will determine how likely a civ is to adopt/change State Religion (higher == more likely), and, at values higher than 9, determines that the civ will never secularize. See the MSF.
  • Added Soldiers of the Golden Dawn as a Holy Order.
  • Schmlkaldic League now only offers Mounted Units.
  • Followers of Arjuna now only offer Ranged Units.
  • Diversified the special promotions on Holy Orders; they each have a specific effect instead of all yielding faith from kills.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the unique Holy Order contract sounds were not working.
  • Holy Order contracts now require a specific Religion to have been founded before they become available (you do not need to follow this religion to hire or see them, however).
  • Added unique Notification for Piety Level.
  • Changing State Religions/Secularizing whilst Devout or Virtuous now costs Faith, based upon the number of cities following your former religion. Secularization tts now correctly detail this. Changing whilst Heretical or Poor now
    incurs Resistance for every city following your former religion.
  • Added Secularization sound effect.
  • Holy Book Decision now correctly modifies its Faith reward based upon your Piety Level.
  • Festival Decision now modifies by religious unity as in base E&D, and slightly increased the Reward.
  • Added audio for Wiltran Mapu thanks to HoopThrower!
  • Added new Temple of Heaven splash thanks to Kesler!
  • Chosen People belief once again rewards Piety whenever a new tile is acquired with Culture.
  • If the AI has founded a religion, it will no longer adopt another State Religion unless their Capital is converted away from their founded religion.
  • Ancestor Worship now grants Piety whenever a military unit is purchased with Faith.
  • Infallability policy now only grants Piety when a Great Prophet/Missionary/Inquisitor is purchased.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the religion sound effect would trigger whenever an AI enacted one of the Religion Decisions, instead of this being restricted to the human player.
  • Thanks to our glorious Pope, Gazebo the Wonderous, Mercenaries has been completely shifted into the DLL! So no more reloading issues! More stability! Whoop! I say you should all make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land of the Community
    Patch Project SubForum and kiss his holy feet! Praises! Praises upon Pope Gazebo!
  • Removed the use of TableSaverLoader.
  • Moved the Terracotta Army to Mercenaries.
  • Mercenary Contract units no longer cost maintenance. You will now only pay maintenance on the Contracts themselves, which is now fixed on the Rating.
  • The level of Mercenary Contract Units is now fixed on the Rating. This is a side-effect of the new system, but shouldn’t be too much of a loss.
  • Contracts no longer give resources. Mercenary Contract units are now directly resource-free.
  • Mercenary Contract unit count is now fixed to the specific Contract.
  • Integrated the Mercenaries notification into the Notification Panel. Right-clicking this notification will now bring you to the Mercenary Contracts Overview.
  • Removed the user setting to exempt the AI from paying maintenance on Contracts.
  • Added unique sound for when a Contract is started.
  • Added ability to filter by Siege Units in the Contract Overview.
  • Number of Contracts that an AI can take out at any given time reduced to 2 (from 3).
  • Added a few extra QoL details to the Contracts Overview screen.
  • Reworked Contract costs (Production cost x 3, +50/25% of that per unit/level).
  • The Battering Ram and Siege Tower will now be added to the Siege category, instead of the Melee category.
  • The “Break Contract” option now specifies in the TT the chance of Mercenary Units mutinying.
  • Currently selected Contract/UnitClass will now be highlighted.
  • Added user settings to set the turns before a Notification that a Contract is about to expire is sent.
  • Added LuaEvents.JFD_ContractUnitsDisband(playerID, contractID, isMutiny), LuaEvents.JFD_ContractExtended(playerID, contractID), and LuaEvents.JFD_ContractBroken(playerID, contractID).
  • Fixed an issue whereby the Colonial Marines still received a combat penalty from attacking over a river.
  • Sons of Mars now gain a 25% combat bonus vs. Barbarians.
  • Privateers are no longer limited to Contracts, although the Victual Brothers will still only offer a Privateer-based contract.
  • Removed the Varangian Guard (not the contract, merely the unit). Once Justinian is out, the Contract will only offer the Varangian Guard units (removes conflict with Justinian and redundancy).
  • Added Nomads, a contract that supplies Mounted units that have double movement in Plains and Grassland.
  • Added Cuauhocelotl, a contract that supplies Melee units that yield GG points from kills.
  • Added Zaporozhian Cossacks, a contract that supplies Cossacks that have no combat penalty when attacking over water.
  • Added Lightning Wariors, a contract that supplies Meele units that reduce the CS of nearby enemies.
  • Added Brotherhood of St. Mark, a contract that supplies Melee units that have a bonus against other Melee units (originally a contract made by Zwei!) (will offer only Doppelsoldner with HRE).
  • Added Swiss Guards, a contract that supplies Pikeman that have additional Max HP (will offer only Swiss Guards with Papal States).
  • Added Bandeirantes, a contract that supplies Melee or Recon units that ignore terrain costs and generate Gold from uncovering tiles.
  • Contracts named after units will now only offer that unit (when a modded unit, only if that mod is active).
  • Non-unique units are now three times as likely to be tied to a Contract over unique units (change this in ‘JFD_RTP_MERCENARIES_CORE_DEFAULT_UNIT_COUNT’).
  • Quietened the Tengriism founding audio.
  • Added Golden Age Points Per Turn indicator to the Top Panel.



  • Fixed an issue with an Epithet trigger, would could cause issues with new specialists being added to the database and hence cause an incompatibility with CID.
  • Fixed incompatibility with the India Pack v2/3.



  • With CBP, removed the Pagoda Happiness.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Prosperity and Sovereignty based wonders and techs were left active.
  • Updated UI files for Vox Populi 21/5. I have not tested the EUI files, but have merged these, too – so use whatever the lastest is.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the religions in the World Beliefs tab were not colour-coded.
  • Reduced the amount of Piety that Way of Warrior grants from 5% of your deficiency to 3%.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Charity belief did not work with CBP.



  • Fixed an issue wherein the Summer Palace could not be constructed.
  • Added the notification icon dds’, in the hopes to avoid the texture errors some people are getting.
  • Added unique construction sounds for: Chancery, Court of Chancery, High Court, Magistrate’s Court, and Supreme Court. Big thanks to Kesler for these!
  • Added an exception for ViceVirtuoso’s Neptunia belief (let me know if not!).
  • Added missing support for CBP viz. the Great Magistrate and Great Dignitary.
  • Updated Pottery help text to reflect the tech change to the Shrine.
  • Could not re-create any issue with Spies and Claims. Anyone else have trouble getting the ‘Active Spy’ cause to activate? The issue might be more specific. However, I have switched the method of checking if there is a Spy in the city, so this may fix the issue.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Piety could be generated from constructing Buildings and Wonders.
  • Fixed an issue wherein you would lose Piety everytime a civilization secularized, even when that civilization did not follow your state religion.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Monastery required the Reformation belief with CBP. Also fixed text issues with CBP, when using CID: Health and/or ExCE.



  • Updated for the latest CID.
  • Religious Law no longer affects Monks and Great Prophets.
  • Streamlined the method by which Piety is given out via Beliefs, thanks to Gazebo.
  • Can confirm that Shamanism is available as a follower belief.
  • Can confirm that Charity works as intended. However, fixed an issue wherein Charity would trigger twice if Investments were off.
  • Cannot re-create the reported issue of Land TRs counting towards a Maritime claim.
  • Fixed an issue wherein declining an Epithet did not award GAPs (again).
  • Golden Age Points from declining Epithet now scales with Era.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Piety Level did not affect Missionary Strength/Spreads.
  • The Cruel epithet now gives +1 Influence with intimidated CSs.
  • Magistrates and Great Magistrates are now active without E&D. They do as they do just don’t provide Magistrates. I have some working ideas for a use outside of Decisions with Sov., but for now, whatever.
  • AI will no longer be able to push a Claim when they have less than 2 Dignitaries.
  • Carried over the PtP threshold from CBP. If you don’t know what that is, basically, in order to Pledge to Protect, you must now be within the top 60% of rattatas military powers. This can be disabled in the user settings.



  • Added reference to Civ IV Diplomacy.
  • Added support for CID: Slavery (if the DHR resolution passes, Shackles won’t show on Top Panel).
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Great Merchant did not provide a WLTKD bonus when performing a Trade Mission (wasn’t properly activated when moved over from CID).
  • New techs will no longer be obtainable via Ancient Ruin (except Mysticism).
  • Updated for the latest CID.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Leonardo’s Workshop did not produce its effect.
  • Important: RtP now includes a replacement for the Notification Panel. This includes bc1’s combined notifications system, and supports the CP’s Notification Panel. You will still require the EUI Comp. Files if you want the Civilization List (which is a part of the Notification Panel in EUI). Please be on the lookout for related errors! I’ll add support for my notifications (e.g. distinct Piety one) later.
  • Shifted to using Whoward’s GrantPolicy/RevokePolicy system, so dummy policies should no longer increase Culture costs.
  • Added Mysticism technology to the Ancient Era, to hold the Shrine and Stonehenge. Credit to Barathor to the Icon.
  • Parthenon moved to Philosophy (under Misc Changes – mostly to compensate for everything stealing from Philosophy).
  • With CID + Mysticism, Herbalist moved to Pottery.
  • Top Panel updated for EUI v1.28f.
  • If you already have a Reformation Belief, St Basil’s Cathedral will grant a free Great Prophet.
  • Fixed an issue with the Witchcraft event not working correctly.
  • Further reduced the amount of Piety that Almsgiving gives.
  • Increased the Piety value of Charity from 10 to 15, when CID: Investments is disabled.
  • Charity belief now supports Investments.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Shamanism could be taken as a second follower belief.
  • Religions under the control of the same player will now appear in the Religion Overview in the World Religions and World Beliefs panel.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Religious Law belief did not produce its described effects.
  • Fixed an issue wherein pushing a Medium or Strong Claim did not reduce the number of Resistance turn the city went into.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Consulates Policy would grant an additional cause.
  • Austria’s UA automatically disables with CBP. Sorry, I can’t make this optional.
  • Great Magistrates may now assimilate Puppets in addition to Occupied Cities.
  • Great Dignitaries and Great Magistrates can no longer assimilate Colonies. However, the GM can still do this by virtue of assimilating Cities.
  • Fixed an issue wherein you did not gain any Golden Age Points from declining an Epithet.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Galley could be trained if Mercenaries is disabled.
  • Removed the option to disable Gold purchases (interferes with CID’s option for this).



  • Added St. Basil’s Cathedral to Acoustics. Allows you to pick a Reformation Belief if you haven’t already. Requires a Holy City (copied from CBP).
  • Fixed an issue wherein dummy policies did not update properly with Gazebo’s ‘IsDummy’ tag.
  • General pass over CBP’s UI files, merging what changes are relevant.
  • Fixed an incompatibility with CID in the event that load order breaks.
  • Fixed TXT_KEY issue with Event-related Epithets.
  • Fixed an issue with the Religious Schism event wherein it did not correctly report the City-State adjective in which the new religion was being founded.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Secularization resolution did not work correctly when passed.
  • Re-Added Mercenaries resolution.



  • Added missing Da Vinci splash audio.
  • Cologne Cathedral moved to Rifling.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Shamanism did not correctly give Health on Monks.
  • Removed the Tech Requirements for the Mercenary Units (Hessian, Black Rider, Varangian, Gaesatae, Landsneckht).
  • Fixed support for Historic gamespeed.
  • Kremlin now replaced with Motherland Calls.
  • Added option to override CBP’s Religious Buildings with Piety’s – this is on by default seeing as my other follower beliefs are no optional.
  • Fixed some of the changes that would persist if Mercenaries was disabled.



  • Fixed an issue wherein the Monks did not benefit from Shamanism.
  • With CSD, Chancery becomes the City Hall.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Grand Inquisition did not require a Holy City as stated.
  • Monastery now correctly yields Crime with CID.
  • Lowered the flavours on Jiayuguan Fort.
  • Added ‘the Healer’ epithet when CID: Health is enabled; on Great Doctor, increases for every Doctor specialist, decreases plague chance.
  • Fixed a couple of issues for if CID is not being used.


  • Changes to Forge are now disabled with CBP (and generally can now be disabled in user settings).
  • Changes to Windmill are now disabled with CBP. There’s probably going to be an OP overlap between High Court and Windmill until Sovereignty is out, but I’m open to what might be an appropriate change to the Windmill when CBP is active.
  • Tested and Forum Magnum correctly disables with CBP.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Division of Labour policy was affecting the costs of Mercenary Contracts.
  • Disabled the EconomicOverview, which was accidentally left active from Prosperity WIP.
  • RtP now uses Gazebo’s Cul. Overview.
  • Monasticism policy now “Infallability” which takes the Piety effects I’d merged into Syncretism and Divine Right.
  • Removed overlap between Mandir, Church, and Synagogue, and Orders and Stupas are no longer disabled. Torii Gates, Daoguans, Gurdwaras, Altars disabled.
  • CBP Church, Mandir, Synagogue, Order, and Stupa given CID Building construction sound support.
  • Evangelism (Piety’s) disabled.
  • Changes to University of Sankora disabled.
  • Almsgiving disabled.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Trade did not require the Wheel.



  • Fixed an issue preventing the AI from taking out contracts.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the ‘Explorer’ epithet stated that it yielded +1 Production on Manufactories instead of +2 Tourism on Natural Wonders.
  • Rome UA dummy policy will now disable if their UA is disabled.
  • Added José Paranhos as a Great Dignitary.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Chosen People belief increased decreased border growth, instead of increased it. Also, reduced to 20%.
  • Religious Settlements is now disabled.
  • Manors are no longer removed with RtP.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Magistrate’s Court did not yield Culture from ‘The Lawgiver’ epithet.
  • EUI Files are now included in their own mod.
  • Removed the Chief Magistrate/Chief Dignitary decisions.
  • Updated for the latest CID.
  • With Health, Shamanism: Doctor and Monk specialists yield +2 Health and +2 Faith. Gain Piety when a Great Doctor or Great Prophet is expended.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Strong Claims could not be acquired.



  • Updated TechTreeButton.lua to the latest EUI.



  • Fixed issues relating to CP compatibility.



  • Fixed an issue wherein disabling Mercenaries allowed you to train the Galley.
  • Fixed a number of missing things from CBP-EUI-Civ IV Diplo compatibility.
  • (Hopefully) Fixed an issue corrupting the tech tree for EUI/CBP users.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Liberty and Patronage changes did not correctly disable with CBP.



  • Fixed an issue wherein the Contract cap was not setup correctly for the AI.
  • Fixed an issue with the Epithet notification.
  • Lowered the chance of acquiring ‘The Explorer’ epithet.
  • Disabling Mercenaries component will no longer cause the Mercenary Overview to popup at the beginning of the game and be unclickable.
  • Fixed an issue with EUI Top Panel comp.
  • Added missing 64×64 mission icon.
  • Corrected a TXT_KEY issue with the Golden Age Tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue wherein you could not opt to retain your Epithet even when prompted.




  • Mod is now known as Rise to Power (it will include Piety, Mercenaries, Epithets, Prosperity, and Sovereignty. Piety is mandatory (too complicated to make it disableable), but the rest should be optional. If you don’t want Piety, Mercenaries is still available separately, and Sovereignty was always going to need Piety.
  • Fixed an issue wherein certain ToolTips for the CBP would show when CBP was not active.
  • CBP support is now automatic.
  • Fixed an incompatibility with EUI and ExCE.
  • Mercenaries has now been fully incorporated into the mod, although it may be disabled in the user settings.
  • Fixed an issue with the vanilla Top Panel when it reported on Golden Age Points as produced by Cities.
  • Dummy Policies will no longer be registed in the GetNumPolicies check, thanks to Gazebo. I’ve added a trigger to dummy policies added via other mods, too (e.g. civ mods).
  • From CID, Liberalism, Summer Palace, and Da Vinci’s Workshop stuff have been moved here.
  • TechButtonInclude.lua no longer automatically adapts to EUI (was unreliable). EUI support for this file is as with any other file (in the EUI folder, copied to the main folder – see instructions if confuzzled).


  • Added unique Tech Tree icon for when using EUI.
  • Thanks to Gazebo, Great Prophets generated via Monks will no longer increase the GP counter of other GP, provided you have CID active.
  • Added Grand Inquisition construction sound, thanks to Kesler.
  • Added new Borobudur icon by Sukritact.
  • Halved the amount of Piety you receive from Almsgiving.
  • Fixed an issue with the Book Burning event.
  • Added Religious Orders tech to late Medieval, unlocks Grand Inquisition, Inquisition, Todai Ji, and Holy Order mercenary contracts.
  • Added Todai Ji wonder – units purchased with Faith in this city earn Golden Age from Points.
  • Borobudur moved back to Theology.
  • Updated support for CID.
  • Following settings are no longer automatically disabled with the CBP: Priesthood addition, tech changes to Garden and Grand Temple, Pantheon addition, static pantheon.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the AI from calculating whether to secularize or not properly.
  • AI will now only assess whether or not to secularize upon completing a new technology. This should relieve some late-game congestion. The chance increases with era, now, however.
  • Incorporated Curns’ fixe for the Aztec UA. Also reduced the amount of Piety you received from the UA (was 10% of your Piety deficiency, now 5%).
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the religion conversion sound from playing.
  • Added safety check to the Choose Religion Popup to prevent issues.
  • Mandate of Heaven now only converts 20% of Faith into Golden Age Points and only increaes Food and Faith by 15% during GAs.
  • Secularization chance now correctly decreases if the civ likes the founder of their State Religion, instead of increases.
  • Barbarians will no longer, erhm, secularize.
  • Slightly lowered the Production cost of Abu Simbel.
  • Added a print register for when a World Event fires, which should help track down any faulty WEs.
  • Founders now lose 1 Piety per turn for each city not following your SR of other Civilizations.
  • Divine Inspiration now applies for National Wonders as well as Wonders. Piety gain is now 20% of current deficiency (down from 25%).
  • Almsgiving now scales according to every 3 Population.
  • Bad Omen event will no longer cost more Food than you have when the second option is chosen.
  • Added support for Speed Repacing mod.
  • As Claims now features in this mod, Piety for Influence no longer requires CID.
  • Misc text fixes. Various event notification texts expanded.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Witchcraft event might trigger with no options for you to select.
  • Added new ‘Bodhisattva’ event.
  • Added new splash image for Book Burning event.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the first option for the Book Burning event could not be chosen.


  • Mercenaries has been fully incorporated into Rise to Power. You cannot use the other Mercenaries with RtP, but you may still disable this component from here.
  • Streamlined bits of the code, conforming it to CP’s changes. Should improve stability and performance. Hopes.
  • Possessing an embassy with another civ will now allow you to see the turns left on any of their contracts in the Current Contracts overview.
  • You may now choose to view only contracts taken by civilizations with whom you are at war in the Current Contracts overview.
  • May now filter Holy Order contracts – i.e. those generated via Piety (except Varangians).
  • Contract maintenance modifiers from Buildings, Policies, etc. now modify the total maintenance, instead of the maintenance of each individual contract, which was just dumb.
  • Added back Contract Maintenance info in Top Panel.
  • Added LuaEvents.JFD_MercenariesHired(playerID, contractID), to detect when a Contract has been taken out.
  • Thanks to Sukritact’s amazing powers, added hotkey for Mercenaries (Ctrl+M).
  • Great Recon Units from ExCE can no longer be hired.
  • In light of the fact that new Resolutions are not, after all, possible, the Ban Mercenaries resolution has been removed.
  • Slightly increased the cost of taking out Contracts.
  • AI will only take at most 3 Contracts out at any one time. You can change the specific amount in the UserSettings.
  • Disband Chance and Mutiny Chance are now set in the Contracts table, for those who’ve added new contracts.
  • Holy Orders will now never Disband or Mutiny.
  • Cost of taking out Holy Order contracts significantly reduced.
  • Added ICON_JFD_MERCENARY to identity Mercenaries (mostly for Sov.)
  • Fixed an issue preventing Mutinies from working correctly.


  • Added ‘Epithets’ components. Epithets are, well, epithets that may be acquired whenever you complete a particular action – such as finishing a wonder or razing a city. The chance of this occuring is very slight (usually 1%), but increases every time you complete thematic conditions (e.g. every Wonder already completed will increase the chance of you acquiring ‘the Builder’ whenever you complete a new Wonder). This system replaces the vanilla epithet system, given that epithets are supposed to be exceptional, and hence – until Sovereignty is released – Policy-based titles are each now in reference to some political title.
  • Note Epithets will not appear in the Social Policy overview until I have Society Divided replace that. Not worth the compatibility needs at this point.


  • Added ‘Claims’ components. Claims are – wait? You already know what Claims are? Oh. Well, Claims is now a part of RtP to pave the way for Sovereignty. Without Sov., Claims is as you remember it – this is the Great Magistrate and Great Dignitary, and associated Decision changes. This brings with it a few changes – the only unfortunate one is that we lose the unique Specialist icons for the Magistrate/Dignitary (they will appear Green, like regular Citizens), unless using CID or EUI. Small price to pay for my sanity, I think. Huehue. Wait – this means I need to update my civs again *empire implodes*
  • Corrected Chancery strategy text which still refered to it as a Manor, as well as incorrect references to Dignitaries and Great Dignitaries on the Courts.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Chancery did not increase Military Unit Production.
  • Chancery now boosts Military Unit Production of all military units (not just Land) – which is apparently what the wiki foretold. Easier for comp. with Sov., which transfers the Courts’ Building Production here.
  • Disabling Claims Core no longer disables Dignitaries, Chancery, Court of Chancery, Great Dignitary, etc. (too problematic). Now only disables the actual Claims on City-States mechanic.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Great Merchant could cross Ice.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the Forbidden Palace did not correctly generate Great Magistrate points.
  • With CBP, Consulates now increases the strength of your Claims.
  • Code of Laws and Jurisprudence no longer automatically disable with the CBP. However, these is definitely no room for Nobility, so the same treatment won’t be happening there.
  • Expanded Great Dignitary and Great Magistrate lists, thanks to Reedstilt. Also added some names to the Great Scientists from Reedstilt.



  • Added missing Imperial Cult jingle.
  • Corrected Altar text which stated that only units purchased with Faith benefited, when this is no longer the case.
  • Magistrates and Dignitaries will now be displayed on the Top Panel.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Secularism would be unavailable if Priesthood was disabled (such as with the CBP).
  • You may now right-click on a religion in the ‘Choose State Religion’ and ‘Found Religion’ popups, in order to bring up the pedia of that religion.
  • Vanilla Evangelism belief renamed to Revivalism.



  • Fixed various database errors.


  • No idea where this is.



  • Fixed an issue wherein users with CBP could not found a State Religion.




  • Completely re-wrote the code with the help of Gazebo, who pushed some of the core functions into the DLL for better stability and accuracy.
  • State Religions may now only be established after researching Priesthood (Philosophy otherwise). However, this may be done at any time in the Religion Overview menu.
  • Secularization may now only be done after researching Scientific Theory (Liberalism/Humanism with EE). However, if you do not have a State Religion at this time, this is automatic.
  • Religion Overview now displays the beliefs of your State Religion, even if it’s different to your founded religion (though only your follower and pantheon beliefs in that case, as these are the only ones applicable to you).
  • AI chance to adopt/change State Religion is now influenced by their opinion of you (friendlier, the higher the chance). AIs will only change their State Religion once every 25 turns.
  • The Follower Beliefs have been re-vamped and now each provide a means of generating Piety (in addition to a standard, thematic effect), except those that unlock a Building. Hence, Building-unlocking Beliefs now require the Enhancement of your Religion before they can be chosen.
  • Added ‘Enforce Secularization’ resolution. See UserSettings to disable.
  • State Religions overview now shows an AI’s favoured religion and the chance of adopting it as their State Religion, when hovering over the State Religion entry
  • If they can (i.e. have Priesthood, know the founder, don’t have an existing religion in the majority of their cities, etc.), the AI may adopt their religious preference as their State Religion.
  • Removed the Faith penalty from being Heretical or Poor Piety. Instead, with Crimes, Heresy output is 1.5x/2x at Poor/Heretical.
  • Secularism now disables Crime Heresy. However, it no longer increases your Gold and Culture.
  • Secularization diplo modifiers removed.
  • Added Aztec trait: Earns Faith and Piety from kills. When Piety is Virtuous, the Capital experiences a perpetual ‘We Love the King Day.’ When Devout, all cities benefit.
  • Founders may now spend Piety to influence City-States.
  • All City-States may now adopt a State Religion. However, Religious City-States will never secularize.


  • Max Piety is now 100/200 on Quick and Standard/Epic and Marathon.
  • Hagia Sophia now yields Great Engineer points and moved to Drama and Poetry.
  • Abu Simbel moved to Mining and now yields 1 Great Engineer point.
  • Solomon’s Temple now gives a free Great Prophet, and has been moved back to the Wheel, as it originally was.
  • Mosque of Djenne now yields 2 Great Prophet points.
  • Temple of Heaven added to Civil Service.
  • Removed the Great Prophet points from Borobudur.
  • Dome of the Rock effect is now Piety from conquering cities following your State Religion, and it no longer yields Great Prophet points.
  • AI may continue to consider adopting/changing a State Religion into the Industrial Era, but the chance is halved once they get an Ideology.
  • AI chance to adopt/change SR doubled during Medieval and Renaissance Eras.
  • The Religious Fervour belief now allows Faith purchasing of Renaissance and Enlightenment Era units (seeing as regular ends at Medieval).
  • Torrii Gate and Altar now apply their promotions to any unit, not just those faith purchased, but only to Gun and Melee Units.
  • Added War Clerics Reformation belief, turning Missionaries into Medics and Inquisitors into… African Forest Elephants.
  • Added Evangelism Enhancer belief, removing Sight Penalty and Unwelcome Evangelists promotion from Missionaries. (these two are about the only other beliefs that I want to salvage for now from my original intent to overhaul them all.)
  • Religious Mercenary Contracts now cost Piety, and no longer require you to follow a specific Religion nor to have a specific piety level.
  • Varangian Contract costs Piety (gold in Mercenaries only).
  • Altar no longer yields Faith.
  • Torri Gate no longer yields Science.
  • Mandir no longer yields Culture.
  • Grand Temple now yields +5 Faith, instead of +8.
  • Great Prophets should continue to spawn through the Enlightenment Era.
  • Inquisiton moved to Theology.
  • Inquisition process may now only be used in a city not following your State Religion, but grants +1 Piety per turn regardless of other cities using the process.
  • Increases Pocatello’s religious intolerance to 2.
  • Puppet cities no longer contribute to Piety loss if they are not following your State Religion.
  • AI should no longer suffer as much from the snowballing effect of Piety loss from irreligion.
  • AI’s chance to adopt/secularize is increased if their piety is low and decreased if high.
  • Piety Levels have been adjusted, making the Heretical and Devout thresholds much tighter.
  • You now lose/gain 25% of your current Piety when another civ secularizes/adopts your State Religion (down from 50%) (still 50% if first time).
  • You no longer lose Piety from changing your State Religion (what’s pious is changing, after all!) – but it costs 1 turn of Anarchy at Poor and 2 at Heretical, so should be a last ditch effort or done when Piety is healthy.
  • Slightly reduced the amount of Piety you receive from Faith purchases, with the Infallibility policy (from 15 to 10 of your current deficiency).
  • Grand Temple moved to Priesthood.
  • Grand Inquisition added to Theology. Requires Monasteries in all cities, increases Piety resting rate, grants 2 free Inquisitors, and decreases Crime from Heresy (with Crimes).
  • Syncretism policy no longer increases your Piety resting rate.


  • Fixed an issue where sorting by Piety in the State Religions overview would cause the UI to go blank.
  • Fixed an issue where the Altar would grant its promotion to units contrary to the intended combat type.
  • Fixed an issue where AI’s with an Intolerance of 0 would establish a State Religion on founding a religion.

Events & Decisions

  • Removed the Pagan God events (not worth it, now that Piety doesn’t use TSL).
  • Added various images for the included events.
  • Fixed an issue with the Holy Order event which stated that it cost Faith twice (instead of Faith and Gold) for the first option.
  • The option to turn away the Holy Order is now available even when you can afford to accept them.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the option to save the Temple in the ‘Temple Destruction’ event still destroyed the Temple. Or, it would have, were it working…
  • Fixed an issue wherein the option to leave the Temple in the ‘Temple Destruction’ event did not result in the Temple being destroyed.
  • Ported Rosicrucian Manifestos event from ITRD scenario.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Clergy Concerned’ event could fire where no options were available. Also fixed an issue where this event would not fire (a problem with its Piety level check).
  • Added ‘Religious Schism’ event, which can fire when your Piety is low and create a new Religion in a City-State following your State Religion.
  • Added ‘Hagia Sophia’ event, which can only fire if you have Hagia Sophia but did not build it, and allows you to replace the free Monastery will a free religious building corresponding to the one you’ve adopted in your SR.
  • Added ‘Book Burning’ event.
  • The option to establish an Inquisition against Witchcraft now establishes the Grand Inquisition in your capital, if it hasn’t been built already. Gold cost increased to compensate.
  • ‘Declare Penitance’ Decision can now only be enacted at Poor or Heretical Piety (down from Neutral).
  • ‘Commission Holy Book’ and ‘Religious Festival’ Decisions no longer reward Piety.
  • ‘Religious Festival’ Decision now costs 2 Magistrates.
  • Religious Festival decision now plays your religion’s jingle when enacted.


  • Updated Dionysism to Tomatekh’s new tag.
  • Added various other new options in the UserSettings file.
  • Added the option to disable city religious pressure, or to halve than normal (off by default).
  • Added an indication in the ‘Choose Religion’ screen of your civ’s religious preference, as per request (in this manner, it was the best I could do whilst keeping it compatible with new religion mods).
  • Added Razana to use the Nzambiism founding sound and Zemiism to use the Voodoo sound.
  • Great Prophets may now be expended for Great Works of Art, but this does not grant Piety. As such, merged in Tomatekh’s unique names and upped the list to 100 (including replacing with Tomatekh’s those that double up).
  • Removed the Embassy requirement to see a civilization’s piety level (a bit pointless, IMO).
  • Pushed the era Diplo Modifiers out to the database.
  • In the World Beliefs panel, may now hover over beliefs to see the full effect, where that belief’s description otherwise truncates.
  • With CID, the City-State popup now displays their State Religion.
  • Pantheon and Hagia Sophia wonders no longer provide their bonuses via dummy policies but instead directly, thanks to Gazebo.
  • Just War now: Bonus vs. players with other religion in their lands (instead of vs. the cities).
  • Defender of the Faith now: Bonus vs. players with other religion in your lands (instead of vs. the cities).
  • Added new Dome of the Rock splash screen.
  • Added Religion Overview icon to the drop-down box, so that it’ll appear in EUI.
  • Lightened the Piety level colours, for better visibility.
  • Changed colour of the Monk specialist to White (to match Faith) (well, grey-ish).
  • Added wonder splash music thanks to Nichlenm.
  • You may now right-click a belief that unlocks a building in order to bring up that building’s pedia.
  • Religious contracts are no longer unilaterally unlocked at the Medieval Era.
  • Added mod support for CID.
  • Piety TT now displays how many turns until your Piety Level will change.
  • Piety now includes its own Top Panel, and now supports the EUI Top Panel style. See installation instruction on OP for this (same as with CID).
  • Wonders already built will now be greyed out in the Tech Tree (this is a general change occuring across all my mods that include the TechTreeButton file except Mercenaries (ExCE, Piety, and TP). This was adapted from Thalassicus the Sage.


  • Intentionally skipped.



  • Added support for 13 religion-specific Contracts for Mercenaries, supporting only the vanilla religions.
  • Holy Cities will now never convert away from your religion. No more atheists in Jerusalem!
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Civ IV church bells from playing whenever one of your city converts to a new religion, which I sneakily threw in last update.
  • Fixed an issue where the Piety opener wasn’t displaying its update text properly.
  • AI will now consider expending a Great Prophet for Piety only when one is born. Just to reduce the number of functions firing every turn.
  • Beliefs that unlocks Buildings will now only be disabled with the CBP if the ‘COMMUNITY_CORE_BALANCE_RELIGION’ setting is active.
  • To prevent ‘issues’, beliefs formerly deleted and replaced are now simply updated (this includes the Cathedrals, Mosques, and Pagodas beliefs)
  • Piety yield rate will now be displayed with more discernable colours. Will consider doing the same for the Piety level at a later point.


  • Added support for Historic Eras and Extended Eras mods.
  • Added fallback to standard speed settings should you be use a mod which adds a new game speed that is otherwise not supported.
  • Thanks to Sukritact, when choosing a belief, hovering over one that unlocks a building will give you the help text of that building
  • Made it clearer in the Religious Institutions overview that the feature hasn’t been implemented yet.


  • Piety conversion rate now only applies to the point that a city is following your SR as a majority. This should allow for minorities to persist.
  • Reduced the Gold cost and increased the XP gain for Chapter Houses.
  • Fixed issues with TSL thanks to DarkScythe.


  • City-States will no longer request the Temple of Heaven. Silly things.
  • Most Piety-based events will no longer fire after the Industrial Era.


  • Added new Chapter House icon thanks to Sukritact.
  • Fixed an issue where secularization did not cause you to lose piety if the civ hadn’t previously changed State Religions.
  • Fixed an issue where the rewards from secularization would not be added unless you secularized via decision.
  • Added sounds for Mormonism, Baha’i, Num, and Satsana Phi, thanks to Tomatekh the Pious, and for Vajrayana and Mahayana thanks to Sukritact the Quite Gracious
  • Added support for Monks to Sejong’s OP UA and the Statue of False Liberty.
  • Added info about the beliefs of each State Religion to the Choose State Religion Popup.
  • Should have fixed the issue where AI’s that secularize adopt a State Religion (history isn’t so kind!); if they secularize, they stay secularized.
  • Fixed an issue with the Pagan Festival events where they would never end. Also added a tooltip for them to the Faith/Piety top panel, showing you how long until they will end. Also extended each by 10 turns.




  • Significantly re-wrote much of the underlying code, as well as tidied the code of events & decisions for stability.
  • Fixed an incompatibility with mods that add new game speeds. Authors of said mods can add support for their new speed in JFD_PietyLevel_GameSpeedThresholds, otherwise it defaults to Standard.
  • Re-designed the Choose State Religion UI.
  • Fixed an issue where the active effects tooltip was displaying incorrect information.
  • Reduced the cost of the second Great Prophet.
  • Added the filthy “Great Prophet expended” noise to when a Great Prophet is expended for Piety
  • Increased the effect of leaders intolerating civilizations of a different State Religion
  • Decreased the effect of leaders tolerating civilizations of a different State Religion
  • State Religion music themes no longer fire if you have not meet the adopting civilization.
  • Piety level is now colour-coded.
  • In order to expend a Great Prophet for piety, you must now have an available Great Work of Art slot.
  • AI will be less likely to secularize if they have a Declaration of Friendship with the founding civilization, or if the majority of their cities still follows their State Religion.
  • AI will be more likely to secularize after the Industrial Era.
  • AI will be more likely to adopt the State Religion of a civilization with whom they have a Declaration of Friendship.
  • Religious City-States will be more likely to adopt the State Religion of a civilization with whom they are friends or allies.
  • Piety is no longer gained from conquests (without the Caliphate).
  • Added music support for the following Historical Religions: Druze, Arianism, Odinani, Laiboni, Mandeanism, Midewi’win, Noaidevouhta, Onyamesom, Saman, Tzolkin, Santeria

Beliefs, Buildings, Policies, Specialists, Techs, and Wonders

  • Added Colonge Cathedral to the Industrial Era (Steam Power; +2 Faith and +1 Culture on all Faith-unlocked buildings, +7 Tourism) (optional)
  • Abu Simbel now directly gives the effects of the God-King belief (stacks). Production cost slightly reduced to compensate.
  • The Monk Specialist and Priesthood Tech are now no longer optional, as they are crucial to Prestige.
  • Re-removed the Monasteries belief.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mosque, Pagoda, and Cathedral retained their vanilla effects.
  • Fixed an issue where the vanilla beliefs for the Mosque, Pagoda, and Cathedral were selectable even with the modded variants.
  • Mandir now correctly grants +1 Faith on River tiles.
  • Added new Church icon, thanks to Janboruta.
  • Piety Opener changed to only boost the Production of Shrines, Temples, and Monasteries.
  • Organized Religion now grants +1 Faith and +1 Culture from Shrines and Temples.
  • Infallability now grants Piety whenever you spend Faith to purchase a Unit or Building.

Events & Decisions

  • Fixed an issue where ‘Peform Sacred Mysteries’ decision could be enacted after secularising
  • ‘Peform Sacred Mysteries’ decision now costs a mix of Food and Production instead of Gold
  • ‘Expel Religious Minorities’ decision now may be enacted from a neutral piety level and only costs 1 Magistrate. Cost gold increased slightly.
  • Added ‘Fog from Hell’ event
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Temple Destruction!’ event would not destroy unique Temples
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Miracles’ event not having a description
  • Fixed an issue preventing the ‘Good Omen’ and ‘Religious Diaspora’ events from firing
  • World Event notifications have been expanded to detail the choice of the civilization, where applicable.


  • Pantheon cost increases (as in vanilla) can now be toggled off in the User Settings file.
  • Faith from Great Works in certain buildings can now be toggled off separately from Great Prophet artifacts.
  • Added new LuaEvents which can be invoked to detect a few key events:
    • LuaEvents.JFD_PlayerSecularises(playerID, religionID)
    • LuaEvents.JFD_PlayerAdoptsStateReligion(playerID, religionID)
    • LuaEvents.JFD_PlayerChangesStateReligion(playerID, oldReligionID, newReligionID)
    • LuaEvents.JFD_PietyLevelChanged(playerID, oldPietyLevelID, newPietyLevelID)
  • Added CBP support (must set JFD_PIETY_COMMUNITY_BALANCE_PATCH to 1 in UserSettings):
    • Priesthood removed
    • Pantheon moved to Construction, Solomon’s Temple and Inquisition moved to Writing, Cologne Cathedral moved to Rifling, Dome of the Rock removed.
    • Changes to Buildings (Temple, Garden, Monastery) and Wonders (Stonehenge, Hagia Sophia, Borobudur, Mosque of Djenne) will be turned off. However, changes (except Tech) to Grand Temple merged with CBP changes.
    • Changes to the religion system (Great Prophet costs, Pantheon costs, etc.) will be turned off.
    • Changes to Policies will be turned off (except the effects of Syncretism (moved to Finisher) and Infallability (moved to Divine Right)).
    • Changes to Beliefs will be turned off.
    • CBP Top Panel changes merged with Piety’s.



  • Fixed an issue where the Dome of the Rock splash screen wouldn’t display properly, and where the 80x icon displayed the icon for the Churches of Lalibela.
  • Fixed an issue where the God-King belief wasn’t being disabled (was to do with switching over to wonder modularity).
  • Fixed issue where the pagan decision could be enacted infinitely per era, if gold requirements were met.
  • All follower beliefs allow faith purchasing of units up until the Medieval Era (optional).



  • Fixed an issue where Churches belief did not unlock Churches, and where the Daoguans belief did not unlock Daoguans.
  • Hagia Sophia grants a free Monastery instead of a free Temple.
  • When a Great Prophet is expended for piety, it will create a religious artifact (optional) (thanks to Tomatekh on some ideas for the artifacts, and more may be added in a future update).
  • Religious buildings (Mosques, Daoguans, Mandirs, Solomons Temple) yield Faith when their Great Work slot is filled (enabled with the above).
  • Solomon’s Temple now has an additional Great Work slot, and gains a theming bonus for having two artifacts. However, it grants a free Temple instead of a free Synagogue.
  • Abu Simbel now grants Tourism after Archaeology.
  • Civilizations which have a higher gold or culture flavour than their religion flavour will always secularise after the Industrial Era.
  • Each wonder can now be disabled/enabled individually in the user settings file.
  • Fixed an issue where Hagia Sophia was not yielding Faith from Great Works.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability for a Great Prophet to be expended for piety was removed.
  • Replaced the Churches of Lalibela with the Dome of the Rock (Faith and Piety when a Great Person is expended, requires Piety).
  • Replaced the Institutions panel for the Religion Overview screen, as institutions (of relevance to the player) will now be added to the dropdown menu (I mean, if it stops CTDing).
  • Added two new events (Relic Peddler and Temple Destruction), and Miracles event will now fire if you have a Great Work in the empire.
  • AI will now expend Great Prophet for piety when their piety is low, and no longer receives free Piety when a GProphet is born.
  • Added Enhancer Beliefs re-work – most are unchanged, but moved some of the weaker Reformation beliefs to it, and added Evangelism belief which removes the Unwelcome Evangelist and Sight Penalty promotions from Missionaries (each belief category can be disabled independently of others).
  • Fixed an issue where the Altar and Torii were not giving their promotions correctly.


  • Fixed an issue where the Grand Temple could be purchased with Faith.
  • Lowered AI flavours on Abu Simbel. Abu Simbel moved to Mining.
  • Removed CulDiv dependency.
  • God-King pantheon blocked as a chooseable belief. Only acquired via Abu Simbel wonder (if Wonder additions are enabled).
  • Added Priesthood tech in between Calendar and Philosophy. Unlocks Temple, Solomon’s Temple, Pantheon, and Inquisition. Philosophy unlocks Garden, Grand Temple, and Oracle. (optional)
  • Added new Churches of Lalibela wonder (free Great Prophet) to Theology.
  • Grand Temple now increases piety resting rate, instead of simply possessing the Holy City
  • Notifications on the Patriarchate (dissolution, suspension, restoration) will no longer be sent if you do not know the respective member, or will appropriately hide the identity of the subject civ.
  • Fixed an issue where the Religion Overview would not display info on the Patriarchy’s abolishment correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Religion Overview stated that the Patriarchy founded by someone you had not met was abolished
  • Solomon’s Temple effect changed; has a Great Work of Art slot that yields faith when filled and provides a free Synagogue.
  • Added new faith-purchase buildings and beliefs (optional). Other belief changes will be in a future update.
  • Fixed an issue where the Piety Finisher did not award a Reformation Belief
  • Fixed various issues with the events. All event costs/rewards now increase with era.
  • Holy Order event now costs both faith and gold, and generally less


  • Moved Balance Patch additions to the core mod (use the UserSettings file to disable policy changes or wonder additions.
  • Monastery once again generates Great Prophet points.
  • Removed redundant CityView.lua overwrite.
  • Added support for Tomatekh’s new religions: ATANODJUWAJA, PUTA_TUPUNA, ODINANI, SAMAN, TZOLKIN.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Removed CulDiv dependency (I will implement a civ-based government preference table, but with a fallback for CulDiv, like in ExCE for colonies).
  • Great Prophet now properly ascends to heaven when being expended for piety
  • Added new Abu Simbel wonder (grants the God-King pantheon belief).
  • Added the Ecumenical Patriarchy institution.



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